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shine trader live reports:

The Lakers beat the Rockets 95-85 at home. Russell Westbrook scored 20 points, 8 rebounds and 9 assists for 9 of 22 shots. He made only two mistakes in the game. He hit the efficiency value of + 25, the highest since joining the Lakers.

shine trader live reports
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The Lakers changed their formation and played a small lineup today. Willis started with LeBron and Bradley. However, the Lakers didn’t play efficiently at the beginning, and neither Wei Shao’s breakthrough nor Gan BA’s jump shot hit. However, in 8 minutes and 47 seconds, Wesson immediately came out after receiving the ball in the bottom corner to help batesmore throw into the open three points. The Lakers played a fairly appropriate attack, and the Rockets’ lack of strength also gave them a chance to test their lineup.

After LeBron left the game, it was Wei Shao’s turn to return. He soon connected Anthony to score three points, and then Davis hit back at the fast break dunk. The Lakers opened the score easily. Willis scored 3 points and 3 assists for 1 of 4 shots in the first quarter. He didn’t feel good shooting with LeBron, but he was still very efficient.

At the beginning of the second quarter, Wei Shao took a substitute to continue to create opportunities for Anthony, who had a burst hand feeling, and scored in 9 minutes and 38 seconds. After that, he took a rest and staggered the same game with LeBron again. He didn’t return until the second half of the quarter. As the main ball holder, he also played efficiently. He continued to grab points with sudden shots. He also played fast attack counterattack with Davis and dunked successfully in 1:34.

Wei Shao scored 12 points and 5 assists in 5 out of 10 (2 out of 3) in the half-time, with the highest efficiency value of + 17 in the whole team.

But unexpectedly, the Lakers suddenly lost their temper in the second half. Willis and LeBron kept beating the iron to let the Rockets play the rhythm of chasing points. Fortunately, the Lakers made adjustments in time, played defensive counterattack, and Wei Shao also stole the second place green, which made the Lakers fast break.

Although he didn’t make six shots in the third quarter in a row, he also made a cross field long pass to help Davis dunk successfully in 2 minutes and 15 seconds. Because the Rockets pulled their crotch too much, the poor hand feeling didn’t affect Wei Shao’s efficiency. Moreover, Wei Shao finally broke the scoring shortage at the end of the quarter and won four points in a row to continue to expand the advantage of the Lakers.

At the beginning of the last quarter, the coexistence of weishao and LeBron was also quite harmonious. They kept looking for opportunities for their teammate village. Little Jordan ate bread on the inside again and again, and Anthony hit on the outside again and again. After 9 minutes, Wesson went off to rest. When LeBron came off, he returned. At that time, the Rockets played a wave of 15-0, and the Lakers had to cheer up.

Wei Shao broke through successfully in 5 minutes and 25 seconds. Then Wei Shao and Davis worked together to win the front board. LeBron quickly transferred to Wei Shao, but Wei Shao didn’t disappoint him. He scored directly under the basket and made a foul. Until the last minute and a half, the Rockets still gave up chasing points and the game entered garbage time.

By Ethan