spark limited reports

spark limited reports:

Salary expert Bobby Max wrote an article about the free market during the NBA off-season in the summer of 2022.

Max said that among the 190 people who will become free agents next year, only 32 have the strength of starting players (12 of them are still limited free agents), and among these people, harden, Owen and Wesson are likely not to appear in the free agent market.

Previously, according to Sean max, general manager of the basketball network, the team is discussing the renewal with harden and Owen. If it goes well, an agreement can be reached before the start of the training camp of the new season. Harden can sign a three-year contract of $161 million and Owen can sign a four-year contract of $186.6 million.

Speaking of Wei Shao, Max wrote: “Westbrook has the player option next summer. His hometown team gives him the best chance to win the championship. Therefore, he may choose to implement the player option, or jump out like Chris Paul in the sun, and then renew a long-term contract at a lower price.”

Weishao’s salary is $44.21 million in 2021-22 season and $47.06 million in 2022-23 season.

By Ethan