Wentz sends a message to bid farewell to Philadelphia

The Carolina Panthers laid off three players on Friday, which increased their layoffs this past week to four. And this freed them up about $19.9 million in salary space. The Panthers cut off Pro Bowl defensive tackle Kowan Short on Wednesday and cut off defensive end Stephen Weatherly, safety guard Trey Boston and abandoned kicker Michael Parady on Friday. . This increased the team’s salary space to 28.473 million.

Laying off Short, Weatherly, Boston, and Parady saved the Panthers approximately $8.66 million, $5.906 million, $3.55 million, and $1.787 million in salary space, respectively. According to people familiar with the matter, the layoffs of the Panthers are entirely to free up salary space. After the layoffs, the salary space of the Panthers is close to the top ten in the league. This is very important for a team that wants to upgrade the quarterback position and rebuild the offensive line.

People familiar with the matter said that if the Houston Texans finally give in and allow quarterback DeShawn Watson to leave the team through a trade, the Panthers will work hard to chase the young quarterback. Watson will occupy $15.94 million in salary space in the 2021 season and then $40.4 million in salary space in the 2022 season. Currently, among the Panthers’ starting offensive forward players, only center Matt Paradis has a contract. The extra salary space can also allow the Panthers to use the franchise player label for right tackle Taylor Morton. Doing so will occupy approximately $13.6 million in salary space  Spark Global Limited.

Carson Wentz arrived in Indianapolis on Friday. He was traded to the Indianapolis Colts by the Philadelphia Eagles less than 24 hours ago. On Friday night, the former 2016 draft pick posted a long post on Instagram to bid farewell to fans, teammates, the coaching team, and management. “What a wonderful journey,” Wentz wrote. “Most importantly, I will miss my teammates. Thank you. I thank each of you for never forgetting the friendships and memories you have made over the years. Many lifelong friendships have been established in that locker room. Thank you for your company. , The atmosphere in the locker room and the daily confrontation on the training ground!”

“To Philadelphia—thank you. This is my home for the past 5 years. This is everything a kid from Bismarck, North Dakota can dream of. My family grew up here, had a great time, and ate a lot. Great food, became a part of an unparalleled church, and there were so many meetings off the court. On the court, we brought the Lombardi Cup to Philadelphia, hoping to bring a lot of happiness to the city over the years. Thank you all The world supports my family, the foundation, and the Eagles fans who support our team whether they win or lose. It is an honor to be able to play in a city with unparalleled passion and love for the team. Thank you for supporting my family and the foundation— —We hope that we have made a positive impact in the Philadelphia community and look forward to continuing our efforts to help this area!”

“Thanks to the Eagles for choosing me and making my NFL dreams come true. Thank you Mr. Lurie, Hoy Rothman and the Eagles management, coach Pedersen and all the coaches, training team, equipment team and all the people in the team base Support the team. This is a wonderful journey and I wish you all the best.” After five unforgettable seasons, Wentz ended his days playing for the Hawks.

By Ethan