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For the rockets, they are about to hit another all-star guard airborne Houston, 707 days didn’t play the game of Cornwall, wei is also less by his new number in the wizards, at the same time, he thanked the rockets on social media, the two sides are on good terms, someone glad someone sorrow, harden clearly belong to the latter, less after leaving the rockets, harden two move suspicion, happy new coach him from a distance, a wish to leave the rockets Haddon also suspected a grouch. First is harden absence training team for the first time in Houston, but the rockets new coach Sellars dozen circle field for him, he said have the confidence to harden will appear, at the little leave the rockets, harden still wanted to leave, but the outbreak disastrous phil’s signboard of don’t want to let the team only, according to previous reports, the rockets eager young team cornerstone + quality options, obviously such chips can let the 31-year-old harden into his own hands, in addition to the wall, for on the way to Houston rockets were involved in the basic practice before, Harden, as the dominant star, is not taking the lead.

as the dominant star, is not taking the lead.

What exactly is Harden doing when he’s not practicing? From his social media, we found the answer a few hours ago, harden in social media to congratulate her friends happy birthday, then he sent a job advertisement, original harden is busy preparing for his jersey number named Houston restaurant, he is currently hiring manager, a waiter, bartender, it also hard to avoid suspicions, difficult don’t become harden didn’t attend the training is to run his second career, but now this time open restaurant seems unwise, the epidemic raged across the United States and harden team boss will compensate miserably the main business is food, harden next higher salary and the boss after the ordeal.

The move prompted speculation that The rockets’ new coach was trying to curry favor with Harden. During the team’s first practice meeting with reporters, Silas revealed that he hadn’t spoken to Harden since the Rockets traded Westbrook. Sellars said he would try to diversify his team’s tactics. “Everyone is excited about what we have,” he said. We play a lot of different ways on both ends of the court. Cousins, Wall and Christian Wood are all talented enough to fit in with the original players. Harden will keep the ball as often as he used to. We won’t change much. But we’re going to make some adjustments and have more variety, but Harden is going to have more possession.” To harden more ball and Silas necessity, harden today is not happy with the rockets, if rushed to harden change style, give you the work not take and he can’t, the output of the other wall the recovery degree of unknown, if the injury has a relapse, it must harden to control the ball, for new coach Silas, the rockets this mess only crustily skin of the head, who called his salary by cheap fee boss phase. When the Rockets were in a state of turmoil, Yang Yi said harden, Irving and Durant were the only chance in the league to beat the Lakers, otherwise, the Lakers would have a chance to win three consecutive championships. I don’t know what Harden would think after reading this news. For Harden’s future, welcome to comment.

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