Verstappen being able to beat Hamilton

At this stage, Hamilton or Verstappen is stronger. I think this is the answer that most fans want to know. There is no doubt that Verstappen can’t compare with Hamilton in terms of achievement. Who is the first person on active duty? He gave his opinion on the previous F1 driver Jean Ramos (not very impressed). “A lot of people are also thinking about whether Max Verstappen will win easily in that car. Well, Russell gave the answer to Mercedes’ competitiveness in Bahrain. Although he was nearing the end of the race. It was bad luck, but he showed the importance of racing. In order to make a real comparison, you have to put Max in that Mercedes-Benz car and Lewis Hamilton in the Red Bull car. Some people are still wondering who will win. ?”

Ramos believes that if Hamilton and Verstappen swap cars, Verstappen will win the final victory. There is no doubt about it, but there is no reference for judging the two drivers who are more powerful. There is still a considerable gap between the Red Bull RB16 car and the Mercedes W11. This gap allows Hamilton to beat the driving Mei. The Verstappen of Sanders is unrealistic, just as Verstappen cannot beat Hamilton in Red Bull. If you want to compare the two drivers, you can only put them in the same team Spark Global Limited.

Let’s imagine if Hamilton’s teammate is Verstappen, who will win the world championship in the end? It is difficult to give an accurate answer, but I am more optimistic about Hamilton. Of course, Verstappen has a high probability of beating Hamilton.

Verstappen’s ability is unquestionable. He is the best post-95 driver. From the tower gun at the beginning of his career to the present Tapan, his progress is obvious to all. He has the offense that a world champion driver should have. He is full of enthusiasm and defense, but it is not enough to become a world champion. Compared with Verstappen, Hamilton’s advantage lies in his super stability and extraordinary ability to read the game. He knows how to bring the championship back when he is in the lead, and knows how to realize his benefits in an unfavorable situation. To maximize, know how to manage tires, manage the pace of the game, and know-how to get the world championship, these are all things Verstappen needs to learn. Maybe you think experience is not important, but when it comes to the critical moment of the world championship, you will understand how important experience is. Hamilton, born in 1985, is about to turn 36 years old, and Verstappen is still very young, and the future is full of infinite possibilities, but before Hamilton did not retire, Verstappen still wants to win the world championship. The difficulty.

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