What level of stars can Xidi return?

To learn more about Zhan Huang, Curry, Kardashian, don’t forget to follow “NBA Social Circle”. Without Paul, there is no problem. In the first game of the Western Conference Finals, the Suns won without Paul. After the game, Devin Booker picked up a mobile phone video call. Paul or Jenna, guess who Booker called. ?

What level of stars can Xidi return?
Because of the health and safety agreement, Paul was unable to play, but it also gave him more time to spend time with his family. On social media, Paul shared a short video of himself and his two children, and it looked very good.

Although the series loses one game first, the Clippers fans don’t seem to be in a hurry. After all, in the first two rounds of the series, they lost two games first and then reversed to advance. Now it’s up to the Suns to dare to 2-0. .

At the same time, a longer law may benefit the Clippers. Since 1984, O’Neal’s teammates have entered the Finals for 36 consecutive years in the NBA. Today, only one player in the East and West Finals has ever been a teammate with O’Neal, and that is Clippers guard Rajon Lang. many.

In another NBA playoff game today, the Hawks eliminated the Philadelphia 76ers and entered the Eastern Conference Finals. Philadelphia ranks first in the Eastern Conference, while the Eagles rank fifth in the regular season. Before this round of the series, it is estimated that many people did not expect it to end in this way. After today’s game ended, Eagles guard Bogdanovic issued a message, “The dog mentality,” to celebrate the team’s promotion.

Although there was a mistake at the crucial moment of the tie-break, Embiid really did his best in this game and fell to the tie-break again. On social media, Embiid wrote, “Philadelphia, I love you, I’m sorry to let You are disappointed, but I hope you know that I have given it all. One thing I learned from here is to be tough, which is why I played with injuries. Thank you for your support throughout the year.”

Also disappointed is Philadelphia 76ers guard Danny Green. In the third game of the series against the Eagles, Green strained his right calf, and he has been in a truce since. Seeing that the team was eliminated, Danny Green also wrote on social media and wrote the words of disappointment.

Although the 76ers were eliminated, Seth Curry’s performance throughout the season was remarkable. In today’s game, Seth scored 16 points, 2 rebounds and 2 assists. At the end of the season, Seth Curry Li wrote, “We lost the game, but we have given it all. We will summarize, recover and make a comeback.”

This season has lost again. This summer, I believe the 76ers will definitely consider trading Simmons. On social media, some Philadelphia fans hope that the team will desperately trade Lillard, and some fans think the team should trade CJ McCollum. Everyone Think, this summer, what level of star can the 76ers exchange for Simmons?

By Ethan