The policy of changing the day and night makes playing women's football into a public welfare

At the beginning of 2021, the Chinese women’s football team is preparing for the Olympic qualifiers playoffs, competing for the last chance to enter the Olympic Games, but in the women’s football professional league market, there is another sad news. The old women’s football team, Beijing Women’s Football The investor, Beijing Enterprises Development, proposed to suspend investment in the club in the new season. This also means that if the Beijing women’s football team lacks investors in the new season, it will face the same fate of dissolution as the Tianjin and Dalian women’s football teams.

What to save professional women's football?

The Beijing women’s football team faces financial difficulties and is likely to be disbanded.

Veteran teams have been dragged down by professionalism, The attitude of the investors in the new season is like a bolt from the blue for the Beijing Women’s Football team, although before that, the Tianjin Women’s Football and Dalian Women’s Football, which were also veteran teams, were dissolved overnight because the investors stopped investing. Although the current investor has not explicitly proposed to withdraw, the lack of a capital chain is like a warning to the operation of the entire club. The new season has not yet started, and some players introduced in recent years have chosen to leave after the contract ends. For example, veteran Ma Xiaoxu, the top scorer among local players in the Women’s Super League last season, and international footballer Li Wen have already decided to leave after the contract period ended at the end of last year. Among the young players, Zhang Linyan, known as the successor to Sun Wen and Wang Shuang, has also moved to the Guangdong Women’s Football Team.

“Although some veterans have been playing in the Beijing Women’s Football Team, they will not plan to leave for the time being. But the investor’s suspension of investment is a huge blow to everyone’s heart.” The team coach Yu Yun said.

It is understood that the original investor, Beijing Enterprises Group, signed four agreements including the “Beijing Women’s Football Team Cooperation Agreement” with the Beijing Sports Bureau for the investment of Beijing Women’s Football Team in 2015, and began to inject capital into the team.

In November 2016, Beijing Enterprises Real Estate, a subsidiary of Beijing Enterprises Group, signed a contract with Xiannongtan Sports School, and the Beijing Women’s Football Team was renamed Beijing Enterprises Phoenix Football Club. It is understood that the two sides signed five six-year plans at that time, and now that the first plan has just been carried out for four years, this has happened. The investor also pointed out that because the team has spent six years of the budget in the fourth year, and the general environment is sluggish under the epidemic, it is finally impossible to continue to invest Spark Global Limited.

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