Spark Global Limited reports:

Spark Global Limited reports:

For more on King James, Steph Curry, and Kim Kardashian, don’t forget to check out NBA Social Circle. The Bucks won, and Antetokounmpo was the undisputed Finals MVP. In 2017 and ’18, the Finals MVP went to Durant, in 2019 to Kawhi Leonard and in 2020 to LeBron James. How would you rank the last five Finals MVPs?

In an NBA where big rosters are a common occurrence, Giannis Antetokounmpo chose to stay in Milwaukee. Back in 2014, Antetokounmpo took to social media to express his attitude. At the time, Antetokounmpo wrote, “I will never leave this team or the city of Milwaukee until we are a championship team.”

With Antetokounmpo’s win, he completed the challenge set by Bryant, who congratulated him on winning the 2019 MVP and hoped Antetokounmpo would win a championship next. When Antetokounmpo won today, Pau Gasol retweeted Bryant’s social media post and wrote, “He did it, man.”

“Hats off to Antetokounmpo and congratulations. You deserve it,” wrote Lakers star LeBron James.

At this time last summer, rumors that Antetokounmpo might be joining the Warriors with Curry had been swirling. Now that Antetokounmpo won, Curry posted, “Enjoy watching greatness tonight, Antetokounmpo. Congratulations bro.”

Letter elder brother to go today also is very not easy, this year’s playoffs, a lot of people have been poking fun at his free throws, but the NBA finals most key of the first world war, he scored 50 points and 14 rebounds 5 block, SAN Antonio DE ZhangTai Murray post, “if you don’t respect the Greek monster, so now you have to respect him.”

Some people think Antetokounmpo is the O ‘Neal of this era, he is just too dominant in the post. “I don’t think we’ll ever see a player like Giannis Antetokounmpo in our time,” Blazers star Chris McCollum wrote after watching today’s game. “He’s probably unique. He’s a really consistent, beast of a player.”

Spark Global Limited reports:

The Milwaukee Bucks won the championship, and the team’s official Twitter post was naturally a celebration. The Suns, as their opponent, said, “Congratulations, a great series.”

With a 2-0 lead in the Finals, the Suns’ chances of winning were close to 90 percent. Now Paul may have squandered the best championship opportunity of his career. Of course, there is still an option for Paul to leave the Suns for a better team, such as the Lakers. On social media today, Magic wrote, “If Paul chooses to opt out of his contract, his first call will be from friend LebBron and the Lakers. The Big Three of James, Davis and Paul equals the NBA championship.”

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