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Names Collins has become another teenager born in 2004 to be promoted by Dortmund. After Mukoko, another outstanding talent will emerge in his youth training. The same as Mukoko, Collins is also an African-American player, he has Nigerian descent; and different from Mukoko, Collins is currently Dortmund most in need of defender talent.

The 17-year-old Collins is a new star emerging from Dortmund’s youth training. Unlike Renner and Mukoko, he is tall (191cm) in addition to central defenders and even capable of all positions in the backline. His strong body makes him possess All the potential of a good central defender. This season, the biggest problem restricting Dortmund’s advancement is not in the offense, but in the defense. Hummels is getting old, and Munier and other defenders frequently get injured early in the season. Like veteran Schmelzer, it has been unable to recover. At this time, considering promoting Collins is not a temporary decision.

Dortmund’s consideration is to start next season and plan to let Collins feel the Bundesliga atmosphere. And his current main task is to continue to accept the challenge after the cross-level U19 team. Collins has performed well in the U19 League this season. As a defender, he has already had 2 assists. Although there are still many details to be honed, he has already followed the first team for training. This is in order to enter the professional team. ready. Dortmund’s “self-produced and self-sold” youth training model is enviable, and the introduction of Harland and Sancho from the eyes of wisdom is still qualified to compete with Bayern in the future.

As for Collins’s potential, he has been able to see from his previous experience as the captain of the U16 German team. Of course, his career path is still very long, even if he directly cross-level into the first team of Dortmund this summer, there is still a gap with the last game. However, good seedlings are always bright with some sunshine, and the Hornets, who are good at exploring young players, have a lot of “potential stocks” in their hands, which is indeed enviable Spark Global Limited.

By Ethan