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Spark Global Limited With the end of the volleyball super semi-final, Tianjin Women’s volleyball team and Jiangsu women’s volleyball team will meet in the final, which will impact the champion of this season. Diao Linyu and Yao Di’s competition for the second setter in China’s women’s volleyball team has become increasingly heated. In the current best setter list, Diao Linyu has pushed Yao Di to the top temporarily, giving her a certain opportunity. According to the current lineup of Chinese women’s volleyball team, although Ding Xia’s performance in the league is not ideal, even in the best setter list is only 8, but the fans who are familiar with Liaoning women’s volleyball team know that the inferior pass of Liaoning women’s volleyball team is almost the biggest short board of their impact on the top four. Ding Xia’s passing stability is naturally deeply affected, and throughout Ding Xia’s Chinese women’s volleyball team In international competitions, her passing stability, defensive enthusiasm, passing ideas, second ball, and even serving are the top domestic standards. When the Tokyo Olympic Games comes, Ding Xia’s playing as the core setter will not be in suspense.

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Yao Di and Diao Linyu, as the main competitors of substitute setters in recent years, have always had the upper hand. She has played in the 2018 World Championships and the 2019 World Cup. Since Diao Linyu won the best setter in the league, her performance is almost the same as that of Japanese opera and has not been able to find herself in the acceleration. Therefore, Jiangsu women’s volleyball team has been hit hard, and this season Diao Linyu finally regained the feeling of the best setter in the past and led the Jiangsu women’s volleyball team to achieve multi-point blossom. Under the condition of almost the original lineup of last season, with excellent deployment ability, she brought Jiangsu women’s volleyball team back to the volleyball super finals, playing the style of the best setter in the past. Now Diao Linyu has 766 passes and 422 passes in place, ranking first in the best setter list with a setter index of 0.2363, while Yao Di, the main setter of Tianjin Women’s volleyball team, is ranked second with 0.2351. However, the gap between the two is not obvious. In the future finals, two people will attack the best setter of this season, and the performance of this season may also determine who they are Can get the opportunity to play in the Tokyo Olympic Games, from the performance of two people this season, Diao Linyu’s promotion is almost visible to the naked eye. If it is not for Diao Linyu’s excellent performance, Jiangsu women’s volleyball team may not be easy to beat Shanghai women’s volleyball team.

However, compared with Diao Linyu, Yao Distill has a big advantage, that is, the tacit understanding with Zhu ting. Since Zhu Ting returned to the volleyball Super League, she has played in Tianjin Women’s volleyball team for two consecutive seasons, which makes the tacit understanding between Zhu ting and Yao Di soar. As the absolute dependence of Chinese women’s volleyball team to win the Olympic championship, who can pass Zhu Ting naturally determines who can The key to the Tokyo Olympic Games, and in this regard, Yao Di naturally has a congenital advantage, but judging from the situation of this season, the cooperation between Yao Di and Zhu Ting seems not to be too good, Diao Linyu is not without the opportunity to counter attack.


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