Who is a qualified Chinese women's volleyball "prince"?

Director Lang is about to retire, many fans do not like to mention this, because everyone is really not willing to leave the national team. Director Lang is 60 years old. People have a life of their own and cannot stay in the Chinese women’s volleyball team forever. After she leaves, the new coach will naturally take up the post. Whether you like it or dislike it, this rule cannot be broken. Therefore, the fans’ worries, anxiety, and pessimism are not necessary, just let the flow go. Next, the editor talked about the topic of Director Lang’s retirement.

In an interview with the media, Director Lang has clearly expressed his thoughts on retirement after the Tokyo Olympics. Director Lang has made a decision, and the possibility of change is extremely small.

As a 60-year-old lady, she longs for a relaxed, peaceful and comfortable life, and Director Lang is no exception. After so many years of battle on the field, the intense and exciting life has taken too long, and it has become more and more unbearable both physically and mentally, not to mention that Director Lang has been “ruined” by 12 operations. The fans said: “Could Director Lang not leave ?” This is a dilemma for Director Lang: From the heart, Director Lang definitely wants to leave the position of the head coach and truly enter her life; Unlimited worry, or a little worry about the successor. Whether it is worried or not at ease, it is difficult to stop Director Lang’s determination to retire. As an ordinary fan, it is understandable that the Chinese women’s volleyball team hopes that the Chinese women’s volleyball team will always be brilliant, but after decades of “tethering” her, she should also have her own life. After all, Director Lang has contributed almost everything to the Chinese volleyball cause.

There are fans who hope that Director Lang will retire and serve as the head coach or honorary coach of the Chinese women’s volleyball team. I think this possibility is still possible. This can not only play the role of Director Lang, give the women’s volleyball team a strong boost at critical moments, but also help new coaches “Help the horse to get a ride” to maximize the stability of women’s volleyball results. But this head coach or honorary coach is also temporary, at most one or two years, Director Lang will definitely retire completely.

What are the reasons why the fans do not want to retire Director Lang?

This question is actually very simple because Director Lang is excellent!

The first is profound qualifications. Looking at the Chinese volleyball arena, and even the world volleyball arena, there is no one who has the qualifications of Director Lang. I won’t repeat the various outstanding achievements of Director Lang here. Just to say that she has coached college teams, domestic clubs, foreign professional teams, and the Central American national team. Can you find a second person?

The second is a strong ability. The Chinese women’s volleyball team was handed over to Director Lang twice when the situation was bleak. As soon as Director Lang took office, the team changed drastically. The veteran who was about to retire not only returned but also had a second spring. Suddenly many new players emerged from the sparse reserve force, and all of them were outstanding; while the echelon building of the players was fruitful, The training of the coaching team is also constantly advancing; scientific training not only allows athletes to “up” together with their skills and bodies, but there has not yet been an injury caused by training… The same people, the same things, others can’t play Turn, Lang guide will do. Isn’t this the result of powerful capabilities? Another testimony to Lang’s ability is his excellent results. I’m not a cliché here, countless champions are the best proof of her ability Spark Global Limited.

By Ethan