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With three weeks left in the season, the ownership of MVP is still uncertain. This year’s MVP competition may be the most intense in recent years, and veteran vs rising stars make this group of matches full of topics. Now that the data from Aron Rogers and Patrick Mahomes are equally good, it is possible to witness the third and first time in 17 years that MVPs have been tied together. However, if we have to decide between the two, who will be the winner?

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PFF score

Spark Global Limited, Rogers led the league with a total score of 94.9 and a passing score of 94.5, while Mahomet came in second with 93.0 and 92.4, respectively. If Rogers completes the rest of the season at that level, he will be even with Tom Brady’s highest PFF score. If it’s just a little boring than scoring, let’s take a closer look. The biggest gap in this group of matches comes from the comparison of “negative score passes”. In addition, Mahomet’s “potential error pass” this season is nearly double that of Rogers (15-7), which is bound to be Rogers’ victory. This is where Mahomet has never been in the history of the NFL, and no one has been more brutal. His lowest PFF score of this season was 44.9 points against the Patriots in the fourth week, but mahmouds still scored 236 yards 2 from 29 passes and 0 interceptions from 19 passes by the quarterback, with a passing score of 113.6 by the quarterback. The other side couldn’t limit his play at all. Even though he threw three intercepts against the dolphin this week, 34 passes were still nearly 400 yards.


Compared with macaque, Longge’s stability is not much lower. This season, he only has a quarterback pass score of less than 107, while Mahomet has five. The question is how bad the game was. In the “double-12” match against pirates in the sixth week, Long Ge played 16-out-of-35 with 160 yards and 2 intercepts (a return attack). It was too hot. Although Longge has only one hip pulling performance, the macaque can always play some “sloppy” games, which is hard to say whether it is good or bad.

Conclusion: draw

Play the top, After 13 games, Mahomet and Rogers each have four PFF 90 + games. But that doesn’t mean anyone is abusing the falcons or the eagles, but who is better at the top defense? As I said earlier, Rogers was extremely poor in the pirate defense group, but Mahomet scored 90.1 points in the PFF with 49-37 462 yards 3 in the same opponent. In the fight against the crows, mahmouds also dominated the game with a 4-out-385-yard-4 from 42-to-31. Although Rogers did well against the bears and the saint’s defense group, he was still dwarfed by mahmouds .

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