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0-3! Another 0-3! In the last two Champions League games, the starting line-up was 1-0 down and there was still hope.

With so many youngsters coming on as substitutes, the team collapsed 3-0 and even lost without temper.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but barca’s coaching staff and managers want to sow and harvest in one summer.

The result of being too hasty is to turn reconstruction into blasting. The collapse of a skyscraper in Barcelona is not the most terrible thing, but the shaking of its foundation.

shine traders limited - live
shine traders limited – live

Mistaking arsenic for honey: It’s a sad story for Barcelona when Garcia becomes an opponent’s tactical barometer

A. Barca could have taken a different path: there are so many reasons for today’s predicament

In last year’s Champions League group stage, Barca used a rotating lineup to thrashing Kiev 4-0 and ferenc Vallens 5-1.

Three goals in the Gamble cup to cristiano Ronaldo’s Juventus and a 4-2 win over second-placed Real Sociedad in the first round of the league (5 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss in the first seven games).

Was messi’s departure the last of Barcelona’s FIG leaves? The loss of the best player in the world will certainly make Barca’s fighting capacity to the next big step.

However, Barca still has something to offer. These victories are the result of a dynamic, responsive and connected front line, and a central three that can control the pace and initiative.

With Brathwaite injured and the departure of Emerson, Moriba, Firpo and Griezmann, Barca lost their impact, their delivery and their balance.

The team had to start a second rebuild in September.

Using La Masia is a bit of a show, they can handle a low intensity game, but when it comes to crunch time, youngsters shouldn’t be shouldered.

The cause can be attributed to debt from the Bartomeu era and the impact of the pandemic, which caused the team to cut back on spending.

But the decision makers who made the signings and sellers this summer are largely to blame for the struggles.

After all, with the exception of Griezmann, who pianic reduced to a minimum wage, who was well paid, the rest of those who left were paid even less than the new signings.

B. Where is Garcia: Where does the opponent attack

Barca’s offense now gives Memphis a lot of freedom with the ball, but his turnover rate is high and his scoring efficiency is not in the same league as Messi’s.

Simply replacing Messi with Memphis is a testament to Barcelona’s naivety in their decision making this summer.

The other problem is that when De Jong gets forward a lot and Depay makes mistakes up front, it’s easy to get space on the counter.

The result of sticking with Garcia in central defence is that everyone who faces Barcelona will soon know where to attack.

Barca’s midfield penetration into the penalty area was strong, but they were not strong enough to return to the defence. Busquets is unlikely to play point-to-point and needs more of a centre-back.

Garcia started on the left flank for Nunez, a decision error by Koeman. The first counter attack in the opening game, not knowing the situation, was on araujo’s side.

The switch came from barca closing down the high court, which resulted in Memphis losing the ball on the back point.

Only Busquets and Roberto were chasing the Barca midfielders on the counter-attack, but they could not catch the man with the ball.

Fortunately this time they passed to Araujo’s side and were too strong.

Unfortunately, Benfica are an experienced team and they found the right attack very quickly.

The key point is that after barca’s mistakes, the other team’s counter-attack is to play deep and to have a direct conversation with your defenders.

Pique and Araujo are tough, but Garcia is a soft touch. This time Nunez cut inside, even the power of the pass was significantly too big.

The diminutive Garcia was unable to keep up with his feet and, in the end, could neither tackle nor block his opponent’s shot, apart from his hands.

The goal came when a small central defender cut inside, which is really incomprehensible.

This time around, Benfica’s big centre forward Aaron McHuk moved forward easily and finished with Garcia watching over him.

Garcia’s shortcomings in foot agility, blocking awareness and landing position made him a favorite in less than 10 minutes.

Within 10 minutes koeman had to make a change, sending Araujo to centre-back on the right and Garcia to the left.

At least without rival Nunez, whose confidence has improved, Koeman expects Garcia to hang on a bit longer.

02. De Jong in front of midfield: he passes too much when he gets into the box

A. de Jong plays smart: he knows what he can do, but the team needs him to do more

Statistically speaking, de Jong’s report card is impressive: 3 key passes, a 92% completion rate, and 5 successful steals.

The problem is that De Jong’s ability to get the ball in the core area is not strong. His involvement in the attack also relies on the use of space off the ball, and then gives the first pass.

De Jong’s touch is good, his instant touch and eating accuracy is good, but he doesn’t generate enough power, so his passing motion is far better than attacking the goal.

As you can see from the GIF, this time De Jong took the ball in front of the penalty area, only to lose it quickly.

Opponents into counterattack, de Jong’s slow return to the defensive attitude is also customary, if his positioning is the core of the attack, indeed there is no problem.

Fortunately, the defender on this side has been changed to Araujo. Even though his first tackle failed, he got up and ran back, forcing Nunez to pass back.

This time around, pedrie moves the ball to roberto on the flank.

The latter cross to the front, de Jong small penalty area line shot, the results failed to grasp.

B. de Jong crosses the box: Barca are short of an end point

Because de Jong before the penalty area after passing far better than the technical characteristics of shooting, let him in the offensive end to go into the penalty area with his teammates.

If Barca were a team like Bayern, perhaps de Jong’s assist numbers on the offensive end would improve quickly.

The trident of Brathwaite, Griezmann and depay at the start of the season, when it was no accident that De Jong made a run of assists, was good for impact and overall movement.

This season, de Jong’s assists might have skyrocketed, but in the first paragraph, de Jong was one of the victims of the team’s u-turn.

Barca tried more long passing, acceleration and even left back Alba didn’t need to be involved in assists much (now even Durst plays on the wing).

But at the very least, this Barcelona team is clearly better than Benfica.

In the first half, Barca had more than 60% possession away from home and more than doubled the number of shots on goal, but had only one shot on target.

It was a pity that the team missed an absolute chance to score.

The point is that de Jong must have a team-mate running with him if he is to play in the penalty area in front of midfield.

This time de Jong received Luke de Jong’s pass and his first cross to an unmarked area was somewhat awkward.

De Jong’s forward penetration is very good, the ball touch and skills are great.

But he can’t hold the ball, he’s easy to drop when pressed, and he can’t shoot with his own power after running at high speed.

De Jong’s move into no man’s land is an easy result if no team-mates follow up.

In the first half barca’s most dangerous 2 attacks, one is roberto cross de Jong small box line shot.

The other was roberto’s header, which de Jong headed back after cutting into the box to give Luke de Jong the chance he needed to score, but missed.

03. Crash after another substitution: Is it accidental or inevitable?

A. Substitution and collapse: the second goal conceded was the problem of 3 youngsters

The last time they faced Bayern at home, the first team held on to a 1-0 score, only to concede a goal after Garcia’s backside deflected a shot.

As a result, the young substitutes appeared, looking more lively, but Bayern’s chances also doubled, the final 0-3 collapse.

In fact, this game is the same truth, 0-1 Barcelona dominated, creating more scoring opportunities. The sudden substitution of three main players in the second half brought about a collapse.

Faty has just come back and can only play with the wind, it is unrealistic to ask him to break the dense immediately.

The point was that Barcelona’s subsequent three-man midfield, with its poor sense of defensive positioning, was deadly in the Champions League.

The source of the second goal, again from Garcia’s appalling efficiency and individual ability.

He went to the left, only to have Aaron McHuk, the big center, pass Garcia this time.

Araujo tried to cover for the first run by blocking a cross, but Garcia couldn’t even get the ball in the second run.

From the final defence inside the box, Garcia, Nico and de Jong were initially in a huddle, but Garvey was beaten by a 2 over 1.

The key problem was the poor positioning of Nico and Garcia in the subsequent retreat, which led to the goal.

As you can see from the GIF, Nico and Garcia were both stumps afterwards, unable to interfere with the ball carrier or restrict the line of passing.

This is called “guarding the air” and Garcia and Nico are responsible for the lost ball.

Given that the ball entered barca’s penalty area because Garcia failed to tackle, his responsibility was greater.

That’s right: It’s wrong to train the wrong young people

Any time a young player is the future of the team, but first the talent of the player has to be the future of the team.

The likes of Faty, Pedrie and araujo have the potential to become top players for the big clubs and Garvey has a lot to look forward to.

But the rest of the La Masia youngsters are a bit of a dud and it would be unwise to use them in the Champions League.

What were Barcelona’s second half stats? From 1 to 9. Was it a surprise that the opposition lost 3-0 with four absolute scoring chances? Man-made?

In the second half Benfica were able to cross 50 per cent of the time as Araujo went forward and defended.

Once the opponent will araujo out of the box, Garcia is watching. Durst’s handball, that’s what happened.

Garcia was sent off late in the game for his second yellow card for pulling from behind.

With the score and Barcelona’s situation, the red card was harsh. But perhaps the referee’s decision is also to wish Barca well as soon as possible, at least for the next set aside hope.


From the high energy and tempo of the Gamble cup and the first league game, to the fake possession of la Masia’s youngsters, Barca’s plight has been one of mercy.

Youth is not equal to winning the future, especially after the youth collective replacement of veteran, the team will often quickly enter a chaotic period.

If there is a reliable scorer up front at the moment who can stabilize the team with goals, then the transition can be successful.

Too bad Memphis can’t replace Messi. In the summer of 2021, Barcelona’s decisions were taken for granted.

By Ethan