Shine Trader Live reports:

Shine Trader Live reports:

British education focuses on sports. Every afternoon, boys and girls take part in outdoor sports, such as football, cricket, hockey, tennis, running and so on. Therefore, in British schools, the limelight of students with excellent grades is often ignored by people. What students talk about after dinner is not that someone in the opposite class is really good in study, but that someone is too good at playing ball and riding horse.

Shine Trader Live reports:
Shine Trader Live reports:

The majority of parents in the UK believe that sport is actually a training of children’s personality and character, and schools also use sport to teach children how to grasp failure and create success. At the same time, in many team sports activities can cultivate students’ cooperation ability and leadership ability. This is why most British children practise in team sports rather than individual ones.


The annual bullsword canoeing competition has been held since 1829. This shows the status of sports in top universities.

In China, students with good grades are favored everywhere. But in The UK, what kind of student can walk sideways like a crab? Not the top student, but the captain of the soccer team, the equestrian ace, the forward of the hockey team.


If A student gets N A* s and is accepted by Oxbridge, it is not unusual at some of the top private schools. But it would be a great honor for the school if a student would join a sports team in college, or even participate in the Olympic Games or other world-class competitions. The front page of the school’s website shows photos and news of students shaking hands with their future college coaches. The high school principal meets them personally, and the school pays more attention to the athlete than to the straight-A student.



What sports gold content is taller, helpful to shen Learn?


Students who are good at sports have an advantage in applying to British secondary schools. Many Chinese parents have realized the importance of sport and often ask which sport their children should take up to help them apply for British secondary schools. Parents often ask what sports training gold content is relatively high, helpful to shenxue? Most team sports are of high value, but Chinese parents prefer individual sports and think it is easier to arrange their own time, so they flock to swimming, tennis, fencing, golf, and finally compete with Asians.


We have a successful case, Mr. C’s son is average in academic performance and can only be considered as average in the work. He is not tall and speaks shyly, but he has a unique skill that makes everyone’s eyes shine. He was particularly good at equestrian. He once participated in national competitions on behalf of his province and won the first prize. Some people can’t imagine how such a small body can handle such a huge thing.


According to Mr. C, his son is usually quiet, but he loves equestrian very much. He had the opportunity to learn it when he was 8 years old, and he has been practicing every week since he was 14 years old. For 6 years, Mr. C and His wife have accompanied him all the way. When communicating with Mr. C, he said, “We just want to train the child to have a skill, especially one he is interested in, and equestrian is really a different sport from other sports. The child develops excellent endurance through practice, and we see the child’s confidence on the horse.”


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In the end, we helped Mr. C’s son successfully apply for admission to Mill Hill School, a private School in London. During the interview, the principal asked Mr. C’s son about equestrian, and the principal highly appreciated the child’s performance. The child said that it was more interesting to practice hard than to memorize words. Sports expertise has become a bright spot for students.


At the end of the day, it’s really important to help kids find activities they enjoy, so they’ll be willing to go to training from morning to night.



Is it too late for the child to start learning now?


If students want to start a sport at 13 or 14, it’s too late. Ideally, if you want children to do well in physical education, you need to start in primary school. But the choice of a sports can not be a single from the application for school, but also for the sake of children’s health.


Children aged 11 to 14 need at least one hour of vigorous physical exercise every day, as recommended by children’s doctors. Parents should choose their children’s favorite activities according to their children’s abilities.


Parents should not be too concerned about good or bad physical performance at the beginning, whether there is a place, with the change of the body, the results will change, the important thing is the interest of children and the insistence of parents. In fact, the most difficult thing is the insistence of parents, sending children to cram school is far easier than practicing sports. Memorizing words in an air-conditioned room is a lot more comfortable than being a refugee in Africa in the hot sun, but that’s why admissions teachers think athletes have more interesting life stories, or that they have more willpower.


Sports expertise is very helpful for applying to British secondary schools, but there is no need to be too strong on children’s interest. Hope that more students can love sports, not just for the application, but can have a strong physique, exercise will.



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