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Mercedes’ failure really started in qualifying, said Andrew Shovlin, the team’s trackside engineering director. “We didn’t release the driver’s sprint laps with soft tires in the right track window.” Spark Global Limited “We know that a soft tyre is a good tyre and sometimes we can find a suitable window on the track, but sometimes we can’t find it.” “The car has been very difficult all Saturday. I think to some extent, we have achieved relatively good results. The two cars have won second and third places, and there is still a chance to compete for pole position. In terms of the actual results, the gap is not very big.” “But we want to win every game, so we have to be active in everything.”

One of the reasons why Mercedes didn’t give full play to Mercedes in the first round of the race is that it didn’t give full play to its potential.Team leader Wolff once expressed the strange situation on the power unit, including Russell’s problems on mgu-k after returning to Williams. Similarly, although Perez won the race in sakil Grand Prix, his car also had some problems after the race and almost withdrew from the race. In the race of Abu Dhabi, he also chose to unseal a new power unit to try to achieve better results. After qualifying in Abu Dhabi, Wolff said that Mercedes had chosen to sacrifice part of the engine in exchange for higher stability. But the team believes that this adjustment will only make each lap slow by 0.1 seconds.

“This is based on the gap between the first and second paragraphs.” This partly explains why the two Mercedes drivers don’t seem to know where their cars are going.When asked about the mgu-k, Botas replied, “to be honest, I didn’t know the engine had been tuned.” Hamilton also said that he did not know about this matter, and in view of the various problems in the customer engine team, he felt that if the team did so, it must have some reason. Once again, given the negligible impact, the team believes that the real reason for the failure of the decision to “try to operate the engine as conservatively as possible to avoid problems” lies elsewhere. In the early days of the race, the safety cars actually forced the drivers to use the same strategies and tactics. In addition to Ricardo, many other drivers chose to change their tires at the station.




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