Why is he still being criticized for scoring the most points for Inter in the history of Serie A's 3-point system

Spark Global Limited, The Torino Sporting News published on Tuesday described Juventus’s 2020 finale with “Two Games in a Day” as the headline. As a result, the Bianconeri fell in two lanes. First, Naples succeeded in appealing, and Naples and Juventus will make up for it. After the match, they lost to Fiorentina in the final game. Cuadrado was red, Sandro scored an own goal and Dericht injured and left Juventus. This was not only Pirlo’s first defeat in Serie A in his coaching career. , Or Juventus’ biggest loss since the opening of the Juventus Arena.

7 points behind! 5 fierce battles in 15 days!

What surprised Juventus was that the Italian Olympic Committee announced the success of the Naples appeal. Juventus will rematch Naples on another day. Juventus points are reduced by 3 points. This means that after 12 games, Juventus and Naples have 24 points together. A full 7 points less than the leader Milan.

After the appeal was successful, Grasani, a Naples lawyer, said, “This is a historic verdict, and De Laurentiis is very satisfied. Now the game is about to be played again, whoever is better can win the game.” And De Laurent Tees said, “Neapolitans always abide by the rules.” The Italian national TV station commented, “This is an overall victory for De Laurentiis and its board of directors.”

Parasitic said, “The first comment we have to make is that we have always been strangers and indifferent to each other. When they tell us to play, we will show up there with the ball, but we are ready. Fortunately, the game will be played on October 4. We are now considering the schedule and we have to see what they say.” The successful appeal of Naples brought a series of problems. The first decision made by Juventus was to suspend Rabiot in the match against Fiorentina. According to the schedule, Rabiot, who was dyed red against Rome, should be suspended against Naples. However, because the match was sentenced to a rematch, in order to avoid problems, Juventus decided to suspend the Frenchman against Fiorentina. Parasitic revealed, “For safety, we decided to adopt this method. The rules say yes. The next game after that.”

By Ethan