Why is he still being criticized for scoring the most points for Inter in the history of Serie A's 3-point system

       In an Italian national derby at the end of the weekend, Inter Milan beat Juventus 2-0 and once tied the top of the standings with Milan. In this game, the old churros Conte can be described as a tactical knock down the rookie coach Pirlo, proved his strength. This season, Inter Milan was at the bottom of the Champions League, and Conte was also questioned by many. According to statistics, since the implementation of the three-point system in Serie A, among the coaches who have coached Inter Milan for more than 30 games, Conte and Mourinho are the coaches with the most points per game, and the two have averaged 2.18 points per game. Seeing this data, many fans should still be surprised, after all, Mourinho led the team to win the triple crown.

In fact, looking back at Conte’s coaching history, his lower limit is not low. Coaching Juventus, he is the leader in leading the recovery of the team and won 3 consecutive championships. In the Premier League, he even won the league championship and the FA Cup. Such results are not inferior to most famous coaches. In the European Cup of 16 years, Italy, which he led the team, was just a penalty shoot-out and lost to Germany, which is not a failure. There are signs that Conte is still a strong coach.

Of course, there are many reasons why Conte is criticized. The lack of Champions League is the biggest complaint. Conte can win the league championship, often at the expense of the Champions League results. With nearly 15 years of coaching experience, especially after spending nearly 10 years in the giants, you can hardly believe that Conte’s best Champions League result is only the top 8 and he has been out of the group stage three times.

From this perspective, Conte not only has a very essential difference with Mourinho, or most of the famous coaches, that is, the former can only concentrate on one event. If it is just a small club, it is certainly worth touting to achieve good results in the league, but in the environment of giants, especially in Serie A, the league champion is not very convincing.

In the past 9 seasons, Juventus’s championships have made most fans less excited, that is, Allegri’s 2 Champions League finals can arouse the enthusiasm of fans. This season, Inter Milan has an advantage over Milan and Juventus in single-line combat, but it is actually difficult to explain how strong Conte is. To put it bluntly, the Champions League is the most important arena to prove the strength of European clubs, and the weight of the five Serie A titles may not be worth a Champions League Spark Global Limited. According to the current situation, Conte has a high probability of overtaking Mourinho and becoming the coach with the highest average points per game in Inter Milan’s history, and this will definitely be written into his resume. For Inter fans, I don’t know how it feels like this. After all, this is an embarrassing fact that I have to accept.

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