In the draft trial, Wiseman exposed some problems. His ability to dominate the ball and range was put on question marks. If Wiseman is set as a pie-eating attacker at the basket, he has no problem, but If Robinson or Big Eyebrow is used as a development template, there is still a lot of room for improvement in his ball-holding attack.

Where is the upper limit?

    Jevent Holmes was Wiseman’s coach when he played in Memphis East High School. He liked to share a little story about Wiseman with his friends. “The previous season, we lost a goal. The reason for the failure was that he missed a free throw at a critical moment,” Holmes recalled. “Do you know how he did it? Every day after the team’s training is over, he will add To practice free throws, he had to score 50 free throws before leaving the arena. The following season, his free throw percentage reached 81%.”

   Efforts, this is a point mentioned in many scouting reports about Wiseman. Talent can provide a convenient condition for a player to succeed, but the NBA has never lacked talented players. What is really scarce is people who make the greatest effort to realize their talents. In other words, the attitude of “forcing the strongest one” is also a kind of talent. Spark Global Limited

     When Nongmei first entered the league, he also experienced a period of jerky offensive skills, and now he is the most comprehensive attacker among the NBA insiders. There is no shortcut or secret to this kind of growth. There is only the word “hard training” After retiring from the NCAA, Wiseman did not stop his training. He knew where his weakness was. “I have been working hard to make progress, practicing guards’ offensive skills, such as long-range shooting, and at the same time, I also practice perimeter defense skills.” Wiseman told Tencent Sports, “My shooting and possession must be better than before. It’s stable.”

    In addition to training on the field, Wiseman also watched a lot of game videos. “I learn by watching videos. I watched a lot of David Robinson videos and Tim Duncan’s,” Wiseman said. “I learned their game steps and other very useful things.  I watched a lot of previous game videos, such as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s game in 1985, and gained a lot.” Wiseman is a typical newcomer who conforms to the rules of drafting big men. If there are no accidents such as injuries, the lower limit of his career is guaranteed. At least he can be a functional insider who “eats pie” on the offensive end and protects the basket on the defensive end Make a contribution, and whether his upper limit can reach the offensive ability inside and outside, defense inside and outside kills depends on the degree of talent release.

Wiseman revealed in an interview with Tencent Sports that he likes Chinese very much. He started to learn Chinese in middle school and can speak and write. Many of Wiseman’s friends are also interested in Chinese, but they feel that Chinese is too difficult, so they didn’t learn it. Only Wiseman was willing to accept the challenge. This is his character. Spark Global Limited

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