“No matter where I am selected, I will prove my ability.” James Wiseman said in an interview with Tencent Sports before the 2020 draft. Second, in the first round, Wiseman was selected by the Warriors. The number one high school student in the U.S. in 2019, the strongest insider in the 2020 rookie, and the No. 1 pick in the draft, Wiseman brought his talent and diligence to open the door of the NBA. It is a brand new basketball world and a broader opportunity. It is also a harsher test. Spark Global Limited

“I’m ready.” Wiseman said, “I can integrate well into the Warriors system. I think I fit the Warriors’ needs in the center position. They have players like Curry and Thompson, which can help me mature quickly. stand up.” Former NBA star “Penny” Hardaway was Wiseman’s coach in AAU, high school, and college. When talking about this lover, Hardaway said frankly: “He is unusual. We call him a unicorn. That means Very rare.” “Rare” represents an extraordinary talent. This is the consensus of the industry on Wiseman. This young student has an innate basketball talent. Former Warriors star and Hall of Famer Chris Mullin gave the following evaluation after watching Wiseman’s performance on the field–

   “This kid is 2.16 meters tall, has a wingspan of 2.26 meters, and a standing height of 2.93 meters. This physical condition is amazing. He can also run like a deer. He can catch a teammate’s lob and hit the basket directly and get a rebound. He dribbles and can block opponents’ shots on the defensive end. It is foreseeable that as his career progresses, his range will continue to expand. He is the kind of player who impresses you. I learned from him I saw David Robinson.”

    David Robinson was the No. 1 pick in 1987. He has the perfect body and strong offensive and defensive strength among basketball players. In Wiseman’s NBA template, in addition to Robinson, there is also a star, that is Anthony Davis, who has just led the Lakers to win the championship. The ultimate killer of the ball era. Wiseman also knows the NBA template set for him by the media. When talking to Tencent Sports about the players who most want to match up after entering the NBA, Wiseman said frankly: “Brother thick eyebrows, he is one of my favorite players. If I can compete with him, it is the best learning opportunity for me, it will be a great contest.”

    The draft template is sometimes exaggerated. After all, Wiseman hasn’t played an NBA game. It’s obviously too early to compare him with Robinson or the thick eyebrow guy. However, there is a saying in the basketball field that skills can be taught, but talents cannot be taught. ESPN draft experts Jonathan Giverny and Mike Schmitz wrote in the scout report for Wiseman: Confident physical condition, extraordinary athletic level among players of the same height, bounce, explosiveness, and agility, he can soar above the rim, and he can also run across the court.”

    The evaluation given by the scouts of NBA teams is more direct: “Wiseman may have the best prospects for this rookie. He has the best hope of becoming an All-Star in the NBA and is the safest choice.” Wiseman is a talented player, but he is by no means a “finished product” in the basketball field. Wiseman is still a raw jade and still needs to be polished.

    The famous draft website NBA draft pointed out that Wiseman has too few matches in the NCAA, and he lacks a higher level of tournament experience in the upper and middle schools. ESPN draft expert Givoni said that 3 games are obviously not enough for Wiseman to give an answer in the NCAA arena. Because of suspected recruitment violations, Wiseman was suspended by the NCAA. Wiseman believed that the penalty was unfair and decided to withdraw from the NCAA. Wiseman only played 3 games on behalf of the University of Memphis. Although he averaged 19.7 points, 10.7 rebounds, and 3 blocks per game in 23 minutes per game, and his shooting percentage was 76.9%, he was very efficient, but the sample of 3 games was too small.

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