On Thursday afternoon Beijing time, the emerging formula W Series Women’s Formula Series announced that it will serve as the official qualifier for the eight F1 Grand Prix in the 2021 season. Earlier, the F2 and F3 Junior Formula Championships announced their respective calendars. The F3 Championship next season will no longer be used as a qualifying match for F1, which also gives the W Series room for the F1 qualifying match. This also means that the official limousines for some F1 races next season will include W Series, F2 Championship, and Porsche Super Cup.

At present, F1 and W Series have reached relevant agreements, but the latter’s calendar has not yet been finalized. The W Series, which started in the 2019 season, provides a competition platform exclusively for female drivers. It has previously been the DTM German Touring Car Masters qualifying competition.

In the interview, W Series CEO Catherine Bond Muir (Catherine Bond Muir): “After a successful debut season in 2019, W Series will be very happy to start a long-term F1 world next year. The opening event of the championship. For a long time, F1 has been leading the world’s highest level of racing with a large competition gap, and we also guarantee that the W Series will become larger in the future, so cooperation with F1 has always been Are our main goals.”

“Next year we will be part of the F1 Grand Prix in some of the races, which has played a very important role in enhancing the international influence of our race. We will still use a unique car, the competition will be very fierce, and at the same time We will continue to focus on improving the status of female racers in the racing world.”

“At present, the final version of the 2021 calendar is still being determined. We have about ten options to consider, but the final match should still be held in Mexico, but everything has not yet been confirmed. I am not against W Series went to the streets of Saudi Arabia to compete, but it may take a while to be negotiated.” Muir added.

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