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In the 2020-2021 season, the Chinese women’s volleyball Super League will have a double fire. Today, the first match day of the third stage will be contested. The competition for the top eight teams is particularly eye-catching. Group C Tianjin Women’s volleyball team will meet the challenge of Zhejiang women’s volleyball team, and Evergrande women’s volleyball team will meet Liaoning women’s volleyball team; group D Shanghai women’s volleyball team will compete with Beijing Women’s volleyball team, while Jiangsu women’s volleyball team will meet Shandong women’s volleyball team again. The third stage of the game is not only related to whether the team can advance to the top six, but also related to whether the team can reach the final four. Therefore, every team will go all out to win every game. In the first round of the third stage, every team wants to get a good start, so the competition for the first round will be extremely fierce and the competition will be brilliant.
The schedule of women’s Volleyball League on December 4 is as follows:

competition will be brilliant.
10: Sichuan women’s volleyball team vs Hebei women’s volleyball team
12: Henan women’s volleyball team vs Yunnan women’s volleyball team
14: Tianjin Women’s volleyball team vs Zhejiang women’s volleyball team
16: Shanghai women’s volleyball team vs Beijing Women’s volleyball team
18: Liaoning women’s volleyball team vs Guangdong Women’s volleyball team
20: Jiangsu women’s volleyball team vs Shandong women’s volleyball team
In group C, Tianjin Women’s volleyball team and Zhejiang women’s volleyball team are not in suspense. The strength of the most popular Tianjin Women’s volleyball team is obviously better than that of Zhejiang women’s volleyball team. When the two teams meet again in the regular season, Tianjin Women’s volleyball team wins greatly, and Zhejiang women’s volleyball team has little strength to fight back. The two teams meet again in this round. There should be no suspense about the victory of Tianjin Women’s volleyball team led by Zhu Ting, but Zhejiang women’s volleyball team is not idle In the regular season, they have also defeated Liaoning women’s volleyball team. The team has a certain strength. Although the strength of Tianjin Women’s volleyball team is superior, it can’t be too careless.
Another match in the same group is Liaoning women’s volleyball team versus Evergrande women’s volleyball team. In the first round of the competition, Liaoning women’s volleyball team’s blocking became the nightmare of Evergrande women’s volleyball team. This time, Evergrande women’s volleyball team must be well prepared. It’s not easy for Liaoning women’s volleyball team to win easily again. This game is very important for both sides. The losing side is likely to compete with Zhejiang women’s volleyball team for a place in the top six. Considering that Liaoning women’s volleyball team has just lost to Zhejiang Province and has no psychological advantage, Liaoning women’s volleyball team must make all efforts to win against Evergrande women’s volleyball team.
In group D, Shanghai women’s volleyball team met Beijing Women’s volleyball team. Although Shanghai women’s volleyball team won the first round, it was still difficult to win. Dixon, the foreign aid of Beijing Women’s volleyball team, has returned to the team, which gives Beijing Women’s volleyball more choices, which also makes the match full of uncertainty. Objectively speaking, the performance of the two foreign players in Shanghai women’s volleyball team is not as good as last season However, there are many reasons, both objective and subjective. However, after entering the third stage of competition, Larson and Lipman should be in better and better condition. This is not only very important for this game, but also very important for all competitions. The overall strength of Shanghai women’s volleyball team is stronger than that of Beijing Women’s volleyball team. If there is no other “foreign aid” to support, Beijing Women’s volleyball team will be better and better The probability of losing in volleyball is still very high.
The other game of this group is Shandong women’s volleyball team against Jiangsu women’s volleyball team. Both teams are “all China class” lineup, neither internal support nor foreign aid join. Before the league starts, both teams are favored by the outside world, especially Shandong women’s volleyball team. Because of the runner up in the full championship, the voice of Shandong women’s volleyball team to get good results in the league is very high, but in two stages After the competition, Shandong women’s volleyball team can only say that the performance is regular, and only ranked sixth in the regular season. Although the result is not too bad, there is still a considerable gap with the expectation before the competition. In contrast, Jiangsu women’s volleyball team has basically shown its own level this season. The only defeat of Tianjin Women’s volleyball team, the first in regular season, is due to Jiangsu women’s volleyball team. Jiangsu women’s volleyball team still has a strong strength.
Judging from the first round competition between the two teams, Jiangsu women’s volleyball team has a certain advantage, but the first round of the two teams is still very fierce. This time, Jiangsu women’s volleyball team can not be careless. If Jiangsu women’s volleyball team wants to attack the goal of the top four, this competition must be won. For Shandong women’s volleyball team, the primary goal is to reach the top six. They must win at least one match in Beijing and Jiangsu. Otherwise, they have little hope of being promoted to the top six. Against Jiangsu women’s volleyball team, Shandong team must go all out to grasp the first opportunity. In the third stage of the volleyball Super League, every game of the top eight is a “life and death war”. We hope that each team can bring more wonderful games to the fans.

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