World cup qualifiers

     On the morning of November 18th, Beijing time, in the 4th round of the South American World Preliminaries, Brazil defeated Uruguay 2-0 in an away game. After 4 consecutive victories, it ranked first in South America. Artur scored the national team’s first goal with a long shot, Richard Leeson was the icing on the cake, Nunez and Godin shot the crossbar one after another, Cavani got the second red card of the national team’s career.

Competition highlights

In the world-ranked 3rd and 6th superb duel, Brazil won and maintained zero seals, won the world preliminaries 4 consecutive victories, and continued to lead the South American region, while the Samba Army only accumulated 7 points during the last world preliminaries. Since Tite coached, Brazil has scored 41 points in the World Preliminaries and 35 goals difference. Argentina and Uruguay, which are tied for second place in South America, have only 24 points.

    Richard Leeson won the national team’s 8th goal in his career, 8 goals in 23 games, and also the 3rd goal of the main match and the 2nd goal of this world preliminaries. Artur scored the national team’s first goal, 1 goal in 21 games. Cavani’s national team received a red card for the second time in 118 games in his career. The last time was the 2015 America’s Cup against Chile. Uruguay has players sent off for the second time in the past three World Preliminaries. The last time it was

     Neymar continued to be absent, Artur replaced the injured Alan for the start, and Alex Tells passed the test and entered the bench. For Uruguay, Suarez could not make his appearance, and supernova Núñez partnered with Cavani to charge.

    In the 5th minute, Nunez flew the header, Dela Cruz made the ball, and Nunez broke into the penalty area from the left-wing. After a sudden stop and kickback, the ball bounced off the crossbar. In the 11th minute, Nandez made a right-wing pass and Cavani nodded the ball to the top. In the 30th minute, De La Cruz fell to the ground after colliding with Maquinhos in the penalty area, but the referee ignored it.

In the 34th minute, Gabriel Jesus took a right-wing pass and stopped the ball in the penalty area, and knocked back. Atul smashed at the top of the arc and adjusted a long shot. The ball hits Jiménez and flew into the lower-left corner of the goal after being refracted. 1-0.

In the 35th minute, Artur made an oblique pass, and Firmino broke into the penalty area with a low shot from the left rib, and the ball was directly held by the goalkeeper.

In the 45th minute, Brazil took a tactical corner kick from the left. Lodi made a pass from the left. Richardson shook his head and rushed to the top. The ball bounced into the far corner of the goal, 2-0.

    In the 48th minute, De La Cruz dropped a free-kick from the left into the penalty area, Godin headed for the top, the ball hit the crossbar and popped out of the bottom line. Spark Global Limited In the 51st minute, Everton Ribeiro took a direct free-kick from the right and the goalkeeper Campania directly confiscated the ball.

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