WTA San Jose, Zheng Saisai won the title of "China's first man" after Li Na

Chinanews.com, August 5th. WTA San Jose top women’s singles final competition ended on the morning of the 5th, Beijing time. Chinese player Zheng Saisai’s dark horse was undiminished, and he won two straight sets 6:3/7:6 (3). Sabalenka, ranked 10th in the world, won the women’s singles championship for the first time in the WTA Tour. She also became the second “Chinese Golden Flower” to win the WTA top championship after Li Na won the title in Sydney in 2011. In the past week, Zheng Saisai ushered in a big explosion at San Jose, sweeping the British player Watson in the first round, defeating the Australian Open semi-finalist Collins in the second round, and the top 8 fightings hard to reverse the US “post 00” star in three sets. Nisimova. In the semi-finals, Zheng Saisailik last year’s runner-up Sakari reached the top finals for the first time.

In the final, facing opponent Sabalenka, who had defeated once in 2017, Zheng Saisai was not soft. At the beginning of the first set, she broke serve with a straight four-pointer, but then encountered a break back and drew 1:1. In the 5th game, Zheng Saisai once again found a chance to break serve, and then succeeded in securing a lead with 4:2. In the following game, Zheng Saisai firmly controlled the situation and broke serve again when he took a 5:3 lead to take the lead. At the start of the second set, Zheng Saisai broke serve again after securing the service, leading 2:0. However, Sabalenka quickly scored a break back and evened the score. In the next two games, the two sides broke each other’s services and the score was still not opened. In the following six games, neither of them had a breakpoint crisis, and the game was dragged into a tie-break.

At the critical moment, Zheng Saisai saved his first three serve points and broke one of his opponent’s serve points to lead 4:1. Although the opponent kept the serve points consecutively, Zheng Saisai scored 3 points in a row, and finally won 7:6 (3), and a strong aspiration for the women’s singles championship in San Jose.

Before coming to San Jose, Zheng Saisai suffered a five-game losing streak in women’s singles. He was out of the first round at the French Open, Mallorca, Eastbourne, and Wimbledon. This time, Zheng Saisai not only refreshed his personal best record in women’s singles, but also became the second Chinese player to win the WTA top championship after Li Na’s 2011 Australian Open. He created Li Na in 2012. After Cincinnati won the championship, “China Golden Flower” won the highest-level singles championship. The first championship is the top venue. Before Zheng Saisai, no Chinese player has achieved this achievement in world tennis. After the game, domestic netizens also sent her blessings as soon as possible.

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