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At 23:00 Beijing time on January 3, the 20th round of West B finished a match. The Spaniard’s 2021 debut was not good, losing 0-1 to Las Palmas. This battle Wu Lei ushered in the first show in 2021, but the replacement time is not much, not much play. Luis Lopez leaves in red, Wu Lei’s first show in 2021: Wu Lei’s new year’s first show, 81 minutes, unable to return to the sky, Spaniards encounter open door blackout: in 2021, Spaniards encounter open door blackout, and the top position is in danger, Louis Lopez dyed red: in the 49th minute of the game, the Spaniard played one less man, Spark Global Limited In the first 5 minutes, Ramos free-kick hit the wall, Lopez attack the ball confiscated. The 12th minute, Hill steals and passes back, daddle catches up with the long-range kick.

In the 20th minute, Ramirez’s ultra far free-kick hits the goal directly to miss many. After that, de Thomas missed a good opportunity in front of the door, but offside first. The first 26 minutes, the Spaniard defensive error, Gonzalez seize the opportunity to volley, Rapa 1-0 Spaniard, In the 28th minute, Ramirez peripheral foot long-range shot, Lopez fell to the ground to save. In the 31st minute, daddle got the ball and started to shoot, the ball was higher than the beam, The 39th minute, Dominguez saves not far, Louis – Lopez reaction is inferior to the header top flies. In the 43rd minute, n’balba flashed out of the angle, started to shoot, the ball deviated from the column.

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In the 49th minute of the game, there was an accident on the court. Diego Lopez made a mistake and was cut off by Ramos. Louis Lopez grabbed and knocked down the other side. The referee showed Louis Lopez a yellow card. Then the referee changed his red card after watching var. the Spaniard was forced to fight with ten men, In the 62nd minute, de Tomas went into the penalty area alone, but he failed to cross the defense in the end. In the 68th minute, Melamed world wave scored, and then determined that the player who instigated the attack before was judged to be offside first, and the goal was invalid, In the 76th minute, puaddo dribbled into the penalty area to send a return pass, and daddle was a little slow in front. In the 81st minute, Wu Lei appeared and replaced Oscar hill. The 86th minute, Wu Lei complains Claudio forbidden area handball, the referee did not express.

In the 87th minute, Wu Lei passed the ball through his back in a 4-man bag, and Melamed hit the side net when he was offside. The Spaniard lost 1-0 in the end.Spaniard starts: 13 Diego Lopez, 27 Oscar Hill (81 ` 7-wu Lei), 15 David Lopez, 6 Louis Lopez, 3 Pedrosa, 20 K Barre (46 ` 8-merida), 14 melendo (46 ` 33-melamed), 10 selch dadel, 23 embarba (51 ` 4-kafreira), 9 puaddo, 11 de Thomas, Las Palmas starts: 30 – Alex Dominguez, 14 – Lemos, 4 – Alex Suarez, 6 – E – courvelo, 23 – Dani – Castellano, 18 – Harvey – Castellano, 3 – Sergio – Ruiz (70 ` 7 – kafreira), 20 – kirian Rodriguez (83 ` 26 – Claudio), 11 – Benito – Ramirez (65 ` 15 – Fabio – Gonzalez), 24 – Roberto – Gonzalez Sares (83 ` 8-mesa), 10-arauho (70 ` 19-espio)

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