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On December 22, Beijing time, the Clippers leader Xiaoka has made a decision ahead of time. Mingxia will reject the player option to jump out of the contract, that is, refuse the Clippers’ $36 million annual salary to become a completely free agent; Xiaoka will also renew the Clippers contract. ? His answer made the Clippers management and the outside world a bit confused about the situation. To put it bluntly, Cumming Xia may leave or stay in the Clippers.

Speaking of the topic that tomorrow can be a free agent, Xiaoka made it clear: I only focus on this season; I am not saying that I am going to other places or staying here. Obviously, if my body is healthy, the best decision (next offseason next year) is to reject the player option, but that doesn’t mean I want to leave or stay.

Last summer, Calvary signed a three-year $103 million contract with the Clippers, and had 36 million player options in the last year. After the new season, Calvary has the right to opt out of the contract next summer, although there is still a full one. This season, but the small card has expressed his position in advance, he decided to reject the player option tomorrow, but he did not promise to renew the contract with the Clippers, leave or stay, small Cumingxia’s decision will once again become the focus.

In fact, Xiaoka and the Clippers have already planned to sign a 2+1 contract, because after tomorrow’s contract jumps out, Xiaoka has just served for the league for 10 years and is eligible to sign a new super maximum salary contract. Ready for the next big contract; Mingji thinks it is wise for Xiaoka to do so.

This year’s offseason, the Clippers have used 4 years of $190 million to renew George’s contract in advance. Regardless of whether Cumming Xia chooses to leave or stay, the Clippers have at least one big-name star; considering the previous initiative to recruit George to join the Clippers In the summer, he is likely to renew a five-year contract with the Clippers of more than 200 million US dollars, but everything is hard to say.

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