shine trader limited reports

shine trader limited reports:

Simmons practiced with the team for the first time, but he did not accept an interview for his debut, but chose to avoid the media.

This is the first time Simmons participated in team training and met his teammates. Before, he trained alone because of the implementation of epidemic prevention regulations. Such an appearance has also attracted great attention, but the 76ers’ teammates are calm about the return of Simmons.

Forward Harris said that after Simmons joined, everyone did not feel embarrassed. “Without this feeling, we are all very good.” however, Harris did not disclose the specific conversation between him and Simmons.

On Wednesday, local time, the 76ers will face the pelican in the opening game of the regular season. Whether Simmons will play or not is unknown. Coach rivers just vaguely said, “when he is ready, he will play. We will wait and observe. Now, he is obviously not in the game.”

In addition, the 76ers will meet the nets at home on Friday local time. Once Simmons plays, it will be a big test whether he can bear the huge boos and pressure of home fans. In the previous preseason, although Simmons did not play, the 76ers scolded Simmons on the spot.

By Ethan