Xinjiang ranked the bottom in Beijing

Sichuan continued to play well last week. They beat Shanxi and Guangzhou successively. In the competition with the top strong team Xinjiang, Sichuan’s main players took turns to compete in the last quarter and won respect. Zhu Songwei, the No.4 show, is getting better and better with an average of 14 points per game per week. At present, there are six players in the Sichuan team, including Zhu Songwei, with average scores of double digits per game. This is the secret of their role as a dark horse this season, Spark Global Limited
1. Jilin

Jilin played two games last week, all of them won and kept sixth in the table. Jones, who has just arrived in the team, has been in the best condition. In the two games, he has handed over the super data of 55 points, 14 rebounds, 6 assists, and 42 points, 13 rebounds, and 7 assists. However, if Jilin wants to maintain the level of a strong team, it can’t rely on Jones alone. The local players headed by Jiang Yuxing also need to make more contributions to the team.

Xinjiang ranked the bottom in Beijing

2. Guangsha

Last week, Guangsha played three games and won 1-2. Wilson – Chandler left the team to demoralize the team, at the same time, the injury of star sun Minghui also affected the strength of Guangxi. Even so, Guangxi, or in the last round for defending champion Guangdong created a lot of trouble, Captain Hu Jinqiu with his strong performance to support the team attack.

9-12: Shanxi, Shandong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou

The injury of Franklin, the core foreign aid, damaged Shanxi’s strength. Last week, they only achieved 1-2 record, rookie Zhang Ning continued to play an excellent performance, to a certain extent, made up for the lack of outside attack brought by Franklin’s absence; Shandong only played a game in the past week, they lost 111-124 to Zhejiang, Manny Harris was not in the state, giving the team offensive efficiency In the last week, Shenzhen was not stable enough, only achieved 1-2 results, and Yang Linyi broke out again after many games, which was a good signal for Shenzhen; Guangzhou lost two games in a week, and they lost by only 2 points against Liaoning and Shenzhen, which hit their morale.

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