Yan Nishi League Farewell

With the end of the 15th round of the World Women’s Volleyball League tournament, the Chinese women’s volleyball team also left with a score of 10 wins and 5 losses, and the fifth place missed the finals. However, the core veterans of the Chinese women’s volleyball team, the World Championships and the Chinese women’s volleyball team also left this field. Yan Ni, the best vice attacker in the World Cup, will retire after the Tokyo Olympics. Since then, there has been no “Northern Great Wall” in the league. And she is as steady as a rock as the Dinghai Shenzhen on the Chinese women’s volleyball team’s deputy attack line. Her departure will be a big loss for the Chinese women’s volleyball team! But people always want to live, Yan Ni has done enough for the team, retired with a brutal injury, and went to live her own life. From then on, she was as ordinary as water, and she also used her hard power to make the “North Great Wall” imprint in the hearts of fans forever!

Yan Nishi League Farewell
The 34-year-old Yan Ni is a typical late bloomer. Although she was selected as a backup by many coaches in her early years, no one has really trained her until after the head coach Lang Ping took office in 2013, she gradually cultivated and reused Yan Ni. After winning the 2015 World Cup champion and the 2016 Rio Olympic champion, he became the absolute trump card of the Chinese women’s volleyball team. As early as the 2017 Rio Olympics, she was urged to marry by her family, and she herself did not return to the lineup of the Chinese women’s volleyball team that year. But to the needs of the three major tournaments from 2018 to the present, veteran Yan Ni has endured pain and returned to the team she loves, actively contributing to the country!

In this World League, Yan Ni played 5 games and played 15 games. She attacked 45 dunks, 22 of 3 losses, 49% success rate, 42% efficiency, 16 points blocked, 3 serve points, 41 points total and 38 points net. , Also contributed 6 passes and 18 defenses. From the data point of view, Yan Ni averaged 8.2 points per game and averaged 2.53 points per game. However, Yan Ni blocked 16 points in 15 innings. If calculated according to the average inning, it is 1.07 points, which can be ranked first in the world league. If the Chinese women’s volleyball team can enter the semi-finals, Yan Ni is expected to get the best side attack, and the North Great Wall is as solid as a rock.

In fact, the World Women’s Volleyball League and the official Olympic Games are very different. This is a training ground for investigating players’ practice tactics. The head coach’s intention, including the on-site performance of the setter players, indirectly determines the overall performance of the players. For example, in order to activate Gong Xiangyu, Ding Xia will continue to try to pass the good ball to her in a concealed manner; in order to make the main attack more echelon, he will also pass the good ball to Zhu Ting, Zhang Changning, etc., play the third position and add momentum! As for the cooperation with veteran Yan Ni, we have also seen that Ding Xia has repeatedly forcibly organized the far network to be short and fast. This affects the effect of the secondary offensive and fast attack. A few people questioned that Yan Ni’s offensive decline and lack of offensive power, it depends on it. The ball is not on the point!

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