You don't think too much about it before the final of the FA Cup

As the main left-back of the Luneng team, Liu Yang and his teammates once again stood in front of the FA Cup final. He said he hoped to achieve a good result this time. Liu Yang said in an exclusive interview with Tencent sports that he would certainly be anxious before the final, “but the best way to prepare for the key game is not to think about anything before the game, which can help him on the contrary.” He is eager to win the championship and hopes to continue to have a stable performance next year and return to the national team in the future to realize his bigger dream.

Football Association Cup final is about to start, Tencent sports exclusive dialogue Shandong Luneng player Liu Yang. I’m the worst player on the team, Tencent Sports: in good condition recently, is every match well prepared? Liu Yang stayed here for a long time. Work and rest, diet and other aspects are also very good, anyway, is to adjust themselves in all aspects. Tencent Sports: do you feel tired physically and mentally after a long period of closed competition? Liu Yang: there will be. Try to adjust as much as possible. You can use the rest time to shift your attention and relax yourself, especially the feeling of mental tension. Tencent Sports: what can be done to divert attention? Liu Yang: listen to music and play games every night when you are free. I often play billiards recently, but I play too badly. When you fight with your teammates, you basically lose, you can’t win.

Two goals in 4 minutes! Luneng ace striker finally broke out, he once expressed his willingness to become a national football team

Tencent Sports: who do you often fight with? Liu Yang: Marshal (Liu junshuai), Dabin (Liu Binbin), Duan (Duan Liuyu), we often play together. I can’t beat them. Tencent Sports: who is the best in the team? Liu Yang: Korea (Han Rongze), Zheng Zheng is also very good. They often play together with their high level. I am sure that I will be the last one. Tencent Sports: playing billiards and playing games are very effective in alleviating mental fatigue?Liu Yang: definitely. Basically, half an hour or an hour at the billiards table is a good way to relax and healthy. Liu Yang: I often take penalty kicks in the Youth League, but it’s the first time for the professional team to participate in the penalty kick battle this year. I’ve been fined twice. I’m lucky. I’ve been in. It is a kind of experience to oneself, it is a kind of progress, especially in the psychological aspects.

Tencent Sports: in your opinion, what preparations should the players make before the final? Liu Yang: my experience tells me not to prepare too much. Just on the first team and just on the national team, will prepare a lot before the game, tell yourself to have a good rest, go to bed early, must adjust well, take seriously, and so on. Sometimes you think too much and don’t help you on the field. On the contrary, you don’t want to do so much before the game. You can treat it easily and play more freely on the field. Of course, it’s just my personal experience.




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