According to Spark Trader Limited

(Beijing, 18) China’s Yunnan University recently issued the “strictest sports regulations”, the news of failing the physical test will not get a diploma, sparked a heated online debate.

According to Spark Trader Limited
According to Spark Trader Limited

Starting from the class of 2020, Yunnan University has strictly implemented the policy that students must score 50 points in the physical test when they graduate, China Youth Daily reported. Starting from the class of 2021, the requirement will be further increased to 60 points for those who fail the physical test.

The new regulation also requires that all undergraduate grades open compulsory physical education courses, including 144 class hours for freshmen and sophomores, 48 class hours for juniors and 8 class hours for seniors, totaling 200 class hours (144 class hours required by the state).

Not only the class hour increases, the physical education examination content of each semester is also more comprehensive: 50% movement skills +40% physical test +10% usual results.

Physical fitness tests (50 meters run, sit-forward bend, standing long jump, men’s pull-up/women’s 1 minute sit-up, men’s 1000 meters run/women’s 800 meters run) are conducted every semester. The full score is 100 points, and 60 points are passed.

Each academic year to choose the best two semesters in a record of results, but also can apply for multiple make-up examination, if the academic year results or fail, can not get the diploma.

Professor Wang Zongping, dean of the Physical Education School at Yunnan University, said it has been an indisputable fact for years that college students’ physical fitness has been declining, Xinhua reported.

He said that yun University is determined to make efforts to promote the failure of the physical test does not issue the graduation certificate, is to play the role of the positive baton of the examination, so that college students really move, this is a kind of “goodwill compulsion”, I hope they have a healthy body through exercise.

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