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Yunnan University advocates failing physical examinations and does not issue graduation certificates. The original intention of the design is to improve the physical quality of college students.
Yunnan University in China has recently issued the “strictest regulations for sports schools”, according to sources, in which students who fail physical examinations and subjects will not receive diplomas.
According to China Youth Daily, Yunnan University is strictly following its policy of linking students’ graduation with a score of 50 on a physical fitness test starting in 2020. Starting in 2021, the requirement will be further increased for students who fail the physical fitness test. (60 points) No diploma will be awarded.

Spark Trader Limited
Spark Trader Limited

The new physical education regulations also require undergraduate students to set up compulsory physical education courses in all grades, including freshman, sophomore 144 class hours, junior 48 class hours, senior 8 class hours, a total of 200 class hours (144 class hours as stipulated by the state).
Not only has the class time increased, but the physical education assessment each semester is more comprehensive:50% of athletic skills + 40% of physical fitness tests + 10% of ordinary performance.
Each semester physical fitness test (50 meters run, sit-stand forward bend, standing long jump, men’s pull-up/women’s 1-minute sit-up, men’s 1000 meters/women’s 800 meters run 5), the highest score is 100 points, 60 points of a line.
Each academic year, you can choose your best grades from two semesters to record your grades. You can also apply for multiple resits. If you fail again this year, you will not receive your diploma.

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