shine trader live reports

shine trader live reports:

The Lakers lost 99-111 to the warriors at home and suffered five consecutive losses in the preseason. LeBron James scored 17 points, 6 rebounds, 4 assists and 3 steals for 7 of 16 shots, but he still had 6 mistakes. The Lakers have lost four consecutive games in the preseason. Today, LeBron, Davis, Westbrook and Anthony start together to run in the lineup.

However, the offensive efficiency of the Lakers at the beginning didn’t improve much. Anthony didn’t get the chance to throw. Wesson and LeBron also made mistakes in passing in the fast attack counterattack. The Lakers didn’t score any sports war for three minutes. Until 8:29 seconds, LeBron finally rolled the basket with the ball one by one, and then one person scored 6 points, opening up the situation for the Lakers.

Although Wei Shao is struggling, the Lakers have Zhan Mei in the seat and play more orderly. In particular, Davis ravaged the basket at the end of the festival, and the Lakers also came from behind to stabilize the lead. LeBron scored 6 points and 4 rebounds for 3 shots in the first quarter, but he also made 4 mistakes.

LeBron led the team alone in the first half of the second quarter. Although he failed to make a long shot, LeBron’s strength and agility in holding the ball and pushing the inside line amazed the commentators and on-site fans. People can’t believe that he is a veteran who has played in the League for 19 years.

But when LeBron came off the court, the Lakers were hit 9-2 in two minutes. When he returned again, he broke through with the ball and was blocked by Rooney. However, the main force of the Lakers recovered the rhythm in time. Davis wreaked havoc under the basket and Wesson finally opened fire. The Lakers still surpassed the score before the end of the half-time. LeBron got 13 points, 4 rebounds and 2 assists in the half-time.

At the beginning of the second half, LeBron and Wesson assisted Anthony to score three points in a row. Then he singled Anderson to show a backward jump shot. Facing the warriors, the Lakers opened the score again. However, after the suspension, Anthony and LeBron’s emergency stop jump shots hit the iron one after another. The warriors quickly seized the opportunity to catch up with points. By the end of the third quarter, the Lakers were still behind, but the main players still went off the court and rested.

The Lakers took out the main rotation that is likely to be used in the regular season today, and played a certain effect. Although it is embarrassing to lose to the warriors who are not at the core, there is still room for improvement in the future.

By Ethan