Zhan Huang 19+6+4 teammates are awesome.

On March 1, Beijing time, the Lakers beat the warriors 117-91 at home. LeBron James only played for 24 minutes, scoring 19 points, 6 rebounds, 4 assists, 2 steals and 2 blocks in 7-for-12 shots. The Lakers broke out in an all-round way, leading by a large score from the first quarter, which made LeBron play the most relaxed game of the season with the least playing time.



The Lakers managed to stop losing in a row. Today, they made a good start to the warriors. Pau Gasol and Maurice are active both inside and outside. LeBron also scored three points in 9 minutes and 23 seconds. It’s hard for the Lakers to shoot from outside as soon as they come up. They soon took an 18-5 lead.


LeBron and Javier opened fire continuously on the outside line. He made another 3-pointer in 6:36. The Lakers haven’t shot so smoothly in a long time. His old rivals curry and green are certainly not vegetarians, a 3 + 1 and a 2 + 1 to catch up with the score.


LeBron still played seven minutes before he was replaced for rest, while the Laker substitute team played well under the guidance of Schroeder and Caruso, but the score was pulled apart. After LeBron’s return, he also drove Harrell to dunk and snatched green to complete the counterattack in the last 46 seconds, then gave green a big hat.


The Lakers led 41-21 in the first quarter, with LeBron scoring 10 points, 2 rebounds, 1 assist, 2 steals and 1 block. In the second quarter, the Lakers still maintained momentum. As soon as LeBron left the court, the Lakers played a wave of 9-0 to further expand their advantage. Because of this, LeBron did not return until 3 minutes at the end of the festival.


LeBron didn’t get in the outside shot, and made Wiseman foul in 1 minute 26 seconds, but the Lakers still maintained the advantage, and in the final attack before half-time, LeBron also miraculously hit the whistle three points, making the difference as much as 29 points.


He only played 16 minutes in the half and got 15 points. At the beginning of the second half, the scoring rhythm of the two teams slowed down. LeBron assisted pop to score three points in 6:34, and then dunked with Morris. The advantage of the Lakers exceeded 30 points. After LeBron’s break, they even replaced Jones who just signed with a short contract.


LeBron and curry didn’t come back in the fourth quarter. The Lakers had planned to control LeBron’s playing time, so it’s natural to like this kind of game process.

By Ethan