Zhan Huang is the best player! Letter brother himself admitted: if LeBron Durant comes, he is willing to abdicate

On December 2, Beijing time, Yannis adtokumbo, the Bucks’ core, talked about the MVP competition and the idea of building a multi giant team. He also said that if James, Durant and Anthony Davis joined the Bucks, he would not mind being second or third in charge of the team. He only wanted to win.Last season on the letter brother and James’s MVP controversy, letter brother with a huge advantage to win, many people complain about James. “If James, not me, won the MVP, should I be angry? Don’t be crazy That means I lost my mind. Big guy, I adored James seven years ago. He’s like Jordan for everyone. In my opinion, that’s James. Now, I can compare with James. ” Letter brother said that he was happy to be with his idol. Letter brother finally admitted that James is still the best player. “James is a great opponent of course and I want to beat him. He is the best player in the world at the moment. It doesn’t matter who wins the MVP, he’s the best one. That’s what I said. He’s the best player in the world. The day I become the best player in the world, I’ll stand up and say it myself. At the moment, the best player is LeBron James. Of course, he is an example to me. It’s worth learning whether it’s on the field or how to be a man The letter brother continued.

Emperor Zhan's dream of defending his title? Famous mouth

James has won four championships, and the letter brother still hasn’t tasted the championship taste. Letter brother also wanted to win the championship, he answered the topic about group. “If James, Durant, Anthony Davis come to Milwaukee, I’ll take it. I don’t care if I’m in charge, second or third, OK? Because I want to win. Maybe when I was 18 or 19, I didn’t know what it took to win. But now that I’m 25, I want to win because that’s what people remember when you retire. If I get James, Durant, Davis, if all three of them come, I don’t mind at all. I don’t care if I’m the number one in the team Said adtokumbo.

The letter brother’s attitude is very clear, but the superstars may not be willing to go to Milwaukee such a small market team, superstars prefer to go to the big market team. It’s not realistic for the letter brother to ask James, Durant, thick eyebrow and other big names to join the bucks.

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