spark limited reports:

After the free agent market opened this year, the Lakers made great moves and hit hard one after another. Now, they are still brewing some deals.

According to NBA media person Brandon Robinson, if former clipper guard Beverly can reach a buyout agreement with the Timberwolves, the Lakers are happy to see him join the purple and gold Legion.

“If Beverly can buy out with the Timberwolves, LeBron James will welcome Beverly. If so, the Lakers’ defense will become very good. ”

Beverly was transferred to the Grizzlies not long ago. Less than 48 hours later, he was traded to the Timberwolves. He changed three teams in two days. Whether he can play in Timberwolves is still unknown.

Beverly had a bad season in the Clippers last season, suffered injuries, missed many games, and his performance was unstable. Some games in the playoffs were abandoned. But his defense is still very strong. If he can buy out with the Timberwolves and join the Lakers, he will not only bring a substitute to the No. 1 position of the Lakers, but also supplement the thickness of the Lakers’ defense to a great extent.

The Lakers currently have 12 people in the array and two two-way contracts. Not long ago, the Lakers tried three point guards, Thomas Jr., collison and Mike James. Next, they intend to add one person to the point guard, and then add another person on the flank.

By Ethan