Zhan Huang's contract renewal has three hidden secrets: 85 million yuan, which is aimed at KULI's contract worth more than 200 million -Spark Global Limited

Spark Global Limited, Now it looks like LeBron James is watching his son become a member of the Los Angeles Lakers before ending his career. Not long ago, it was revealed that James had reached an early contract renewal agreement with the Lakers, which is worth $85 million for two years. James is still in the four-year $153 million contracts signed with the Lakers in 2018, with a salary of 39.2 million for the 2020-21 season. At the same time, according to the information disclosed by relevant insiders, before signing the new contract, James still used the player option in his previous contract, so he will play for at least four years in the Lakers, because in the current two-year contract renewal agreement, James still has the player option in the last year, that is to say, he will become a free agent in 2023 at the latest. So at such a time point, why did James make such a sensitive thing to renew his contract spark global limited?

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First of all, for the sake of money, James made 41 million yuan in the fourth year of his contract with the Lakers. After the signing of the new contract, James’ salary in 2021-22 season is 41.18 million, which is an increase of 180000 yuan. Although the money is not worth mentioning for James, who is worth hundreds of millions, it is also the flesh of flies, and it also shows the attitude of the Lakers towards James and their respect for him.

In addition, the sum of 153 million, 01.8 million, and 44.47 million is equivalent to the signing of a five-year contract worth nearly 200 million dollars after James joined the Lakers. Earlier, when Steven curry renewed his contract with Golden State Warriors, the two sides agreed on a five-year contract worth $201 million, which is regarded as the NBA’s first contract with a total price of more than 200 million. At present, although James did not achieve the position of the first person in history, he also got a contract in the first stage of NBA history. Second, James is looking forward to playing with his son and paving the way for his future. The eldest son, brownie, was born in October 2004 and will be ready to take part in the NBA draft by 2023. Judging from the current competitive state of James, even if he is 39 years old, but with his personal influence, he will still be one of the targets pursued by the league team.

At that time, if Brownie enters the League smoothly, James will be able to fulfill his wish to play NBA with his son. If Brownie’s draft market is really not very good, “son depends on his father” may be staged, and then James will retire calmly after Brownie takes a firm foothold. The last but not the least important reason at the moment is to think about the future of the Lakers. James’s salary next year is only slightly adjusted, which of course takes into account the needs of brother busheyebrow. After all, brother’s thick eyebrow came to the Laker and Zhan Huang’s side, not simply “power generation for love”, he also wanted to be the man with both fame and wealth. At the same time, after the completion of James’ new contract extension, a thick eyebrow can also be more comfortable to complete a longer contract with the Lakers. If James’s contract expires in 2023, it means he will stay with the Lakers for the next three years, which makes the media assert that brother busheyebrow may reach a four-year contract with the Lakers, with player options in the fourth year. Because if James does leave at that time, thick eyebrow brother can also leave once he realizes that the Laker management can’t create a competitive team around him.

By Ethan