The Suns without Paul beat the Clippers

On July 30, the Lakers and the Wizards have officially reached a transaction agreement, sending Russell Westbrook, the second round signing in 2024 and the second round signing in 2028 to the Lakers in exchange for Kyle Kuzma, Kenta wells claddeville pop, Montez Harrell and the first round signing of this year. Since then, the Lakers have officially established the “Zhan Meiwei” super three giants.

The Lakers have three superstars, LeBron, Anthony Davis and Westbrook, and naturally have created countless amazing records. The first is the burst salary. According to salary expert Bobby max, the total salary of LeBron, Anthony Davis and Westbrook superstars in 2021-22 season is as high as $121 million. So far, the total salary of 19 teams in the league is lower than this value (excluding this year’s free market signing).

Three stars have occupied $120 million in salary space, which can be said to be quite amazing. Among them, the sum of the salaries of LeBron and Westbrook alone has been higher than the total salary of the New York Knicks last season. In this case, the Lakers’ management needs to use the remaining salary to find suitable helpers for the big three, which is quite a test of their operational ability.

In addition, LeBron, Wesson and bushei have been selected into the NBA best team for a total of 30 times in their career. Among them, LeBron was selected 17 times (13 times in a burst, 3 times in the second array and 1 time in the third array), Wei Shao was selected 9 times (2 times in a burst, 5 times in the second array and 2 times in the third array), and thick eyebrow was selected 4 times (4 times in a burst). The new big three of the Lakers has also become a trio that has been selected into the best team for at least 30 times in the third group in history after O’Neill + Malone + Peyton.

By Ethan