Zhang Changning: I choose Wu Guanxi

Zhang Changning and Wu Guanxi are enviable couples. Both have achieved good results in their respective fields. In particular, Zhang Changning is already an Olympic champion, world champion, and the absolute core of the Chinese women’s volleyball team in the Tokyo Olympics. The two often show affection in front of the camera, this time it is Zhang Changning. The reporter asked Zhang Changning: Choose someone to spend the rest of your life on the desert island, Gong Xiangyu or Yuan Xinyue? Zhang Changning barely thought, blurted out: I choose Wu Guanxi.

The Chinese women’s volleyball team is preparing for the Olympics in Zhangzhou, Fujian. Zhang Changning said in an interview that his mentality and technical capabilities have improved and he is confident in the Olympics. Compared with the last Olympic cycle, Zhang Changning is now more mature. She would like to thank Lang Ping for her careful guidance to transform her talent into a strength. Zhang Changning would also like to thank his family for their support and the company of his lover. Wu Guanxi did play an important role Spark Global Limited.

Speaking of Zhang Changning and Wu Guanxi, this couple is indeed enviable. This is a combination of handsome men and beautiful women, and a perfect combination of two powerful players. Needless to say, Zhang Changning has too many names, the most resounding is the Olympic champion and the world champion. Wu Guanxi is a famous basketball player who has been selected to the national team and is in his prime.

The two often show affection in front of the camera. For example, Wu Guanxi will smile happily when he mentions Zhang Changning. This time, Zhang Changning showed off his love in the quick question and answer session. The reporter asked: Choose a person to spend the rest of his life on the desert island, Gong Xiangyu or Yuan Xinyue? Zhang Changning hardly thought, and immediately gave the answer: I choose Wu Guanxi. She laughed, as if embarrassed, but very happy.

In addition, Zhang Changning also revealed a lot of little secrets. She used the term “variable” to describe herself, likes to have long hair, and hopes that she has a particularly interesting soul compared to a good-looking skin. Zhang Changning likes trousers, has great research on food and likes sweets. It seems that eating is more important than sleeping. In fact, the women’s volleyball girls showed their tenacity in the training and competition fields. They trained hard, worked hard to the end, and showed the spirit of women’s volleyball everywhere. But they are all young and have their own hobbies. Sometimes for training and competition, they can only Hobbies are buried in my heart. In the next few months, the training intensity of the Chinese women’s volleyball team will continue to increase, and will participate in more competitions. As the Olympic Games approach, the pressure will also increase. I hope that the Chinese women’s volleyball team can continue to carry forward the spirit of the women’s volleyball team and achieve greater breakthroughs with the care of family members and fans!

By Ethan