Zhao KULI incarnates CBA lilard

On the evening of March 3, in the 41st round of the regular season, Guangxia beat Liaoning by 114-94 with 20 points. Zhao Yanhao, who was not included in the CBA All-Star team, scored 33 points in this game, equating his career high.



It was Zhao Yanhao’s three-point strike that led Guangsha to overtake. From this moment on, Guangxia team took the initiative and never fell behind. Zhao Yanhao finished the attack in the restricted area three times and scored three points at the top of the arc, establishing a double-digit lead. Zhao Yanhao has 12 points in the first quarter.


Entering the second quarter, Zhao Yanhao continued his fiery state, hitting the basket with the ball continuously to score, and made another long-range shot at 45 degrees on the left. In the last attack before the end of this section, Feng Xin missed three points, Zhao Yanhao actively rushed to grab the front court rebounds and got up to make up for the ball. At the end of the half-time, Zhao Yanhao made 10 of 14 shots with a shooting percentage of 71%. He scored 23 points, helping Guangxia team to establish a 19 point lead.


In the middle of the third quarter, Zhao Yanhao acted as Guangsha’s fast break arrow, and the face basket was 2 + 1. In this quarter, he didn’t play much, only got 2 mobile phone meetings. Zhao Yanhao steals Guo Allen as soon as he comes up at the end of the game, making the latter break the rules and get 2 free throws. Later, Zhao Yanhao breaks through the middle and adds 2 points to the free throw line. In 51.9 seconds before the end, Zhao Yanhao scored 2 + 1 against Fu Hao’s defense, scoring 33 points and equalizing his career’s highest score.


In the past few seasons, NBA Trail Blazers star Lillard has a tradition of breaking out in the League after losing all stars. Recently, Zhao Yanhao failed to enter the CBA all star lineup. However, with his amazing offensive performance, he had an obvious advantage in the match with Guo Allen and Zhao Jiwei, the two All-Star starters.

By Ethan