Zheng Saisai, who won the first tour singles championship, comforted his father: You see I didn't go wrong

Yesterday morning, Beijing time, Zheng Saisai defeated the No. 2 seed of the tournament 6-3, 7-6 (3) in straight sets in the women’s singles final of the International Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) San Jose Station in 1 hour and 45 minutes. , Belarusian player Sabalenka, won the first WTA singles championship of his career.

The event was originally held in Stanford, but since 2018 it moved to San Jose, which is also located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Zheng Saisai has a deep relationship with this event. In July 2012, she won the first WTA singles match of her career at the Stanford station at the time. Before coming to San Jose this year, Zheng Saisai, including the French Open and Wimbledon, had suffered a five-game losing streak in singles. The singles ranking dropped to 55th in the world. Victory is needed to boost morale.

“Very good, the first champion!” Zheng Saisai said after the final. “I didn’t play well before coming here. After Wimbledon, I returned to China. My best friend said to me,’You know what, I can’t feel your passion. You haven’t played the level of tennis you deserve for months!’ Indeed, I put too much pressure on myself and I had too much expectation for the result. So I told myself that I didn’t want that. Many, just do what you need to do on the court and focus on every point. So there is this wonderful week, I’m just enjoying the game!”

In San Jose, Zheng Saisai defeated No. 8 seed, American player Collins, No. 4 seed, another American player Anne Simova, No. 7 seed, Greek player Sakari, and reached the WTA top women’s singles final for the first time. . This is also the second time in her career that she has reached the finals of the Tournament. The last time was in Nanchang in July last year. Unfortunately, she lost to Wang Qiang and achieved her opponent’s first career WTA singles championship. And this time in San Jose, Zheng Saisai defeated the world No. 10 Sabalenka in the final. This was also the first time she defeated the world’s top ten singles player since 2017. It also made up for her lack of a WTA singles title. Regret.

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“Today I won more steadily than her.” Zheng Saisai said that Sabalenka’s advantage lies in serving, but in this final, he consciously changed positions on the court to break the opponent’s serving rhythm. “I will enter the stalemate. I will have more advantages. I am satisfied with my performance today.” After winning this game, Zheng Saisai’s points will increase her singles ranking, which is very helpful for her to compete for the Tokyo Olympics next year. “Participating in the Olympics has always been my goal. Chinese athletes have had a dream since childhood, that is to participate in the Olympics and win glory for the motherland in the Olympics.” She said, “I am very happy to have a greater opportunity to realize the dream of participating in the Olympics.”

After winning the championship, Zheng Saisai thanked many people, including the coach, the team, and the fans who shouted for her on the field. She did not forget to thank her mother who led her on the road to tennis. “She always supports me. She took me to play tennis. Trust me. She said to me when I was in the hardest time,’ If you don’t want to play, it’s okay, stop playing!’ This makes me feel deep. Deep love.” Zheng Saisai said. She has not forgotten that she has left her father forever. Although her father has always been ambiguous about her playing tennis, after winning her first WTA singles championship, Zheng Saisai said to her father from the heart: ” You see, I did not go the wrong way!”

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