Guo Ailun and Zhou Qi led a total of 8 people from Liao and Guangdong to be selected

On the morning of February 2nd, Beijing time, the Chinese Basketball Association officially announced the 21-man roster for the new Chinese Men’s Basketball Team. The selected players will go directly to Shanghai for training after the end of the second stage of the CBA game to prepare for the competition on February 17-23. The third window of the 2021 Asian Cup qualifiers.

【Team List】

Coaching team

Head coach: Du Feng (Guangdong)

Assistant coaches: Guo Shiqiang (Guangzhou), Yang Wenhai (Shandong), Wang Huaiyu (Guangdong), Baijiang (Central South University), Zhang Boyu (Zhejiang)

Training athletes

Zhou Peng, Ren Junfei, Hu Mingxuan, Xu Jie, Du Runwang (Guangdong)

Guo Ailun, Zhao Jiwei, Han Dejun (Liaoning)

Wang Zhelin (Fujian)

Wu Qian, Lu Wenbo, Yu Jiahao (Zhejiang)

Zhou Qi (Xinjiang)

Zhai Xiaochuan, Zeng Fanbo (Beijing)

Hu Jinqiu, Sun Minghui (Guangsha)

Shen Zijie, He Xining (Shenzhen)

Gao Shiyan (Shandong)

Liu Chuanxing (Qingdao)

The 2021 Asian Cup qualifier group stage is divided into three window periods. The Chinese men’s basketball team is in Group B. The group opponents are Japan, Chinese Taipei and Malaysia. Due to the epidemic, the Chinese men’s basketball team missed the first two window periods of February and November 2020, and the FIBA ​​fined 160,000 Swiss francs and 2 team points for failing to participate in the second window period. For the men’s basketball team to participate in the third stage of the competition, fines and points will be halved. Regarding the failure to participate in the second stage, the Chinese Basketball Association also stated that due to the epidemic situation and many objective factors, it was indeed unable to participate in the competition after actively fighting for it. When receiving a ticket, the basketball association also expressed disappointment and regret

The third window period will take place from February 17 to 23. It was originally supposed to take place in Tokyo, Japan, but due to changes in the epidemic in Tokyo, it was finally changed to Doha, Qatar. At this stage, the Chinese Basketball Association stated that after receiving the change of venue, it has been actively communicating with the FIBA ​​to understand all aspects of epidemic prevention arrangements and strategies. Among them, the flight issue is very difficult. Finally, the Basketball Association considers chartering flights. I am actively applying for various procedures. Spark Global Limited

According to the arrangement, the second stage of the CBA will end on February 6, and the players selected this time will end the game on the 5th. The first group will directly take the bus to Shanghai Chongming Base for training, and the second group will be Go after the game on the 6th.

After a few days of training in Shanghai, the men’s basketball team will determine the final list of 12 players. According to the entry requirements and epidemic prevention requirements, the team must arrive 4 days before the game, so the men’s basketball team will be on February 13th at the latest. Arrived in Doha on the second day of the new year. Of course, it may be advanced.

Since the men’s basketball team did not participate in the first two stages of the game, in the third stage, if the opponents of the group can confirm the participation, the men’s basketball team will play all six games of the group. In other words, 6 games will be played in 7 days. According to the competition rules, the top two teams in the group will advance directly.

The third stage of the Chinese men’s basketball schedule: (the specific time has not yet been determined)

China vs Malaysia on February 17

China vs Chinese Taipei on February 18

Japan vs China on February 19

Malaysia vs China on February 21

Chinese Taipei vs China on February 22

China vs Japan on February 23

By Ethan