Zhu and Zhang's counterattack became the focus, and the level of setter was the key-Spark Global Limited

Women’s Volleyball League after nearly a month of fierce competition, and finally to the final link, that is, the championship. Jiangsu women’s volleyball team also meets Tianjin Women’s volleyball team in the final after four seasons. Both sides have strong strength and have many national team players, especially Zhu Ting, Li Yingying, Zhang Changning and Gong Xiangyu are the proud disciples of coach Lang Ping and also an important part of the National Women’s volleyball team. Therefore, it is bound to be a close match, and each link’s deficiency may lead to a loss The incentives.

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From the current configuration, Tianjin Women’s volleyball offensive line is more fierce, and Jiangsu women’s volleyball defense line is better. The two main attacks of the national team are in Tianjin team, while Jiangsu has only Zhang Changning as the attack strength. At that time, Zhu Ting’s and Zhang Changning’s counterattack is definitely the biggest point of the game. Receiving has always been a position that Jiangsu prides itself on. Gong Xiangyu’s serve and attack are impeccable. Tianjin has Yang Yi and Wang Yizhu, who has been specially trained in this competition. However, Jiangsu is better at this position.


Whether the main attack can be good underground ball, the second pass is the most important. In the national team, Ding Xia’s world-class setter played the ball for Zhu ting and others, while the Tianjin team is now mainly responsible for Yao Di, but Yao Di’s problems are more obvious. However, Jiangsu women’s volleyball team is not dominant, only relying on Diao Linyu as a setter, so the strength of both sides is balanced in this position. It is Jiangsu’s advantage to be a free man to undertake defense. Ni’s extraordinary growth makes people see. However, in the face of Zhu Ting’s attack and other main attacks, we don’t know how much more her defense can play. On December 16, we will wait and see the first match between the two teams.

By Ethan