Zhu Ting missed a good opportunity

Chinese women’s volleyball leader Zhu Ting is the best main attacker in the world women’s volleyball arena. It can be said that Zhu Ting is the world’s first woman’s volleyball team. The Chinese women’s volleyball team has won three world championships under the leadership of Zhu Ting. If they can win the championship again at the Tokyo Olympics this year, Zhu Ting will become a legend in the world women’s volleyball world. As a representative of the three big balls, Zhu Ting has a lot of fans and supporters all over the world.

Although Zhu Ting is a well-known figure in the world’s women’s volleyball world, because volleyball is not the most popular sport in the world, it is very difficult for Zhu Ting to compete for Lawrence’s best female athlete. As a fan of Zhu Ting, everyone also hopes that Zhu Ting can be nominated for the best female athlete of Lawrence in the world. However, Zhu Ting has missed a very good opportunity recently, which is also a very helpless thing for Zhu Ting Spark Global Limited.

Recently, the Lawrence World Sports Awards officially announced the nomination list for the 21st Lawrence World Sports Awards in 2021. Female athlete of the year nominee: Anna van der Bergen (cycling, Netherlands) Federica Brignoni (Skiing, Italy) Brigitte Kosgay (Athletics, Kenya) Naomi Osaka (Tennis, Japan) Wendy Renard (Football, France) Brener Stewart (Basketball, United States).

Judging from the list published by Lawrence, the only representative of Asia is the Japanese tennis star Naomi Osaka. The Japanese and Haitian hybrid is invincible in the Grand Slam arena. She has won four Grand Slam titles. This time, Naomi Osaka still has a certain advantage in the competition for the best female athlete in Asia. The Chinese women’s volleyball leader Zhu Ting lost to the Japanese star, leaving the Chinese women’s volleyball supporters somewhat helpless.

Japanese star Naomi Osaka appeared on Lawrence’s list. I believe Japanese fans will be happy. After all, tennis as a mainstream sport has a very large influence in the world. Although Zhu Ting, the leader of the Chinese women’s volleyball team, has achieved very good results in the world sports world, because volleyball is a collective event, and the influence of volleyball is not as great as tennis, it is also acceptable for Zhu Ting to lose to Naomi Osaka. Although Zhu Ting did not enter the World Lawrence awards list, but for Zhu Ting she would not care, because Zhu Ting’s main goal is to win the Tokyo Olympic Games. I believe Zhu Ting will definitely lead the Chinese women’s volleyball girls to launch a strong impact on the good results in the Tokyo Olympics! Although the Chinese women’s volleyball team will face challenges in the Tokyo Olympics, Zhu Ting’s personal strength is very strong, she has the temperament of a leader, I believe Zhu Ting will definitely lead the Chinese team to win the championship.

By Ethan