Zhu Ting's warm blessings became comfort!

Just yesterday, Captain Zhu Ting devoted himself to preparing for the Tokyo Olympics, but volleyball news made her closely connected with the matter. Her teammate who played in the women’s volleyball team for three years at Wakifbank, the famous Dutch player Slotjes announced Retired, from now on will bid farewell to the world volleyball. As soon as the news came out, the domestic fans were shocked. Since then, Zhu Ting will go abroad to play and will lose a close comrade. Even captain Zhu Ting expressed sighs and doubts, and sent warm blessings, looking forward to her more exciting tomorrow. However, what is unexpected is that the real reason for Slotjes’s retirement came from the opposition of his family, which is really unexpected for Spark Global Limited.

Let’s first look at the source of Slotjes’s announcement of her retirement. She posted a message on personal social media yesterday to clearly explain the cause and effect in four paragraphs:

One is: “I want to let you know that I have decided not to play volleyball. In the past year, I have had a lot of time to think about my future, and I realized that it is time for me to move on.” Visible Slotjes wanted to retire not just for a moment, but after a year of deliberation, or a month after the Dutch women’s volleyball team confirmed that she would lose the Olympic qualification, this idea has been taking root in her mind, and now it is finally complete. break out.

The second is that she said: “Of course I am very emotional because the most important chapter in my life is over, but I hope for a new chapter.” Slots is a typical temperamental person, indicating that in January 2020 On the 12th, the Dutch women’s volleyball team defeated Germany 0-3 at home and missed Tokyo. It was a direct cause of her retirement. After all, the Dutch national team took the initiative to sponsor the Olympic qualifying match, but the Dutch women’s volleyball team messed up and was killed at her own door. Eliminated, as the head starlet, Slotjes feel to blame!

Third, Slotjes sincerely appreciates volleyball and enjoys it: “The chapters of life (multiple volleyballs) will bring me energy and joy. Thanks to all the amazing people over the years and the coach who helped me realize my dreams, The medical staff who led me through difficult times, and the teammates who became friends.” It can be seen that Slotjes loves volleyball from the bottom of his heart and enjoys the happiness that volleyball brings to him. It is also full of gratitude and thanks to those who helped her. , Let her realize her dream of a volleyball match!

Fourth, she said: “My life, my family and friends, they made me banned.” It seems that as the head of the Dutch women’s volleyball team, she was impressed by losing the Olympic qualification at home. Her life has been affected, even Family members and close relatives and friends (general friends and dew friends have no reason to let her “foot the foot”) all oppose or ask her to give up, causing Jess to “sorrow more than heartbreak.” But the support of the fans made Jess feel sad and helpless. She also said, “The last but not the least important fan who supported my entire career. Say to you, thank you!” In fact, the fans are in her heart. Very important!

Regarding Slotjes’s retirement, Zhu Ting, who had been a companion for three years, expressed shock: “Does she really want to retire? She is really young, so why would she want to retire…” Of course, Zhu Ting also respects it. Si’s choice said that her career is very brilliant, and her life will be more exciting after retiring. She also wished Yesh: “Leaving the stadium life smoothly and happy every day!” Therefore, the relationship between Captain Zhu Ting and Yesh is very Profoundly, knowing that Yers loves volleyball like his life will be shocked and confused. Of course, I also send her the warmest blessings!

By Ethan