Zidane remains unchanged and changes,

      If they beat Real Madrid at the Di Stefano Stadium, Barcelona will reach the top of La Liga again after 293 days. In such a decisive battle, the formation of Zidane and Coman is crucial. Compared with the Real Madrid coach, Coman faces more problems.

Barcelona: Koman’s question

For Koeman, the biggest question is whether Pique and Serge Roberto can return, especially the former. Although Pique is eager to make a comeback in the national derby, considering his injury, Koeman may still give up the option of starting Pique. If Pique can’t play, then Koman will need to choose between Mingesa and Araujo. “Daily Sports” revealed that all signs indicate that Koeman will choose Mingesar to start, and he will form three central defenders with Langley and Frankie De Jong. Another question lies in the position of De Jong. According to the analysis of “Daily Sports”, although some people think that Koeman will change to the 442 formations, this possibility does not exist. The real problem lies in De Jong’s position. In the face of weaker opponents, letting De Jong serve as a central defender will increase the ability of Barcelona to organize the offensive in the backcourt. When facing stronger opponents, Coman should choose three pure central defenders to increase the hardness of the defense.

If De Jong serves as the central defender, then Barcelona’s midfielder will undoubtedly, Alba, Dette, Busquets, Pedri, Messi, Griezmann, Dembele will continue to occupy the main position. Predict the Barcelona starting lineup: Ter Stegen, Langley, De Jong, Mingesa, Alba, Pedri, Busquets, Deste, Griezmann, Messi, Dembele. In the first fight against Liverpool, Real Madrid performed well, which gave Zidane confidence. “Daily Sports” revealed that all signs indicate that Zidane will not make any adjustments to Liverpool’s starting lineup and will use the same 11 players against Barcelona.

In the Champions League quarter-finals, the absence of Ramos and Varane made fans worry about Real Madrid’s defense, but Militang and Nacho had good performances. Similarly, the main positions of Vazquez, Mendy, and Courtois are also quite stable. In the midfield, Zidane will follow the configuration of Casemiro, Kroos, Modric, Benzema, Asensio, and Vinicius. After scoring twice in the first fight against Liverpool, Vinicius secured his main position, and being replaced in advance also proved that he will start again in the national derby.

Real Madrid can beat Liverpool at home, Modric, Kroos, Casemiro’s midfield iron triangle played a decisive role, they firmly occupy the initiative in the midfield. How to take the initiative in the midfield will be a problem that Koman needs to solve. “Daily Sports” veteran reporter Beech Alonso analyzed, “In the first leg of the national Derby, Real Madrid firmly occupied the initiative of the midfield, forcing Barcelona to retreat to defense near the penalty area.” “If Koeman wants to solve this problem, then he needs to arrange three midfielders to press against the opponent. Freeing De Jong to the midfield will allow Barcelona to have 5 players in the midfield, plus three midfielders. With two wing guards, it is more likely that Barcelona will control the initiative in the game. Therefore, my suggestion is to play 352 instead and let Griezmann serve as a substitute .”

The matchup between the two teams on the wing also attracted attention. Vazquez, a winger, is accustomed to frequently participating in assists, which causes him to always leave holes behind. Therefore, seizing the loopholes in Real Madrid’s wing during the offensive has become one of Alba’s important tasks in this campaign. Deste and Alba will take on dual tasks, covering the central defender when defending, and catching loopholes when attacking. However, Mingesa will also face the test, when Durst inserts an assist, he needs to make up for the Americans Spark Global Limited.

By Ethan