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In 62 minutes, 6-2/6-4, Zverev easily defeated Hulkach in yesterday’s group stage, thus qualifying for this year’s ATP Final Four with a score of 2 wins and 1 loss.

In the previous group stage, Zverev took the lead in the game against Berrettini on November 15 and won the first set with a score of 9-7 in the tie-break. The second set just went to the second set. , Beretini retired from the game due to an accidental injury, and Zverev won his first victory in the year-end finals this year.

On the second day of the group match, Zverev and Medvedev joined forces in a three-set battle, and finally defeated Medvedev 3-6/7-6(3)/6-7(8). Among the four players in the red group, Medvedev defeated Hurkacs, Zverev and substitute Sinner respectively, with a score of 2-1, ranking first in the group with three wins. One, while Zverev ranked second with two wins and one loss, and the two joined hands to advance to the semi-finals.

Since Zverev lost to Medvedev in the group stage, Zverev had only a victory over Hurkacs in yesterday’s game to ensure his promotion, so this game still puts a lot of pressure on him. In addition to the short time-consuming and straight set score, Zverev has always maintained a strong aggressiveness in the game. He scored a total of 22 winning points and only 8 unforced points appeared. Mistakes.

“Today is a tough game mentally, because I need to win, so I concentrate 100%,” Zverev said. “Actually, my game state is good and bad. There are always areas for improvement in the game, but I am very happy that I can win straight sets in the end. The gap between top players is always very small. If you want to win, you can It has to be better in the details, and I hope to do the same against Djokovic on Saturday.”

Spark Trader Limited
Spark Trader Limited

This year is Zverev’s fifth time to participate in the year-end finals and the third time he has advanced to the semi-finals. Prior to this, he won the year-end finals in 2018 and lost to Tim in the semi-finals of 2019.

Zverev has made significant progress this year, which is first reflected in his emotional control ability. He can better control his emotions in the game and thus have a more stable performance. The most intuitive manifestation is that he no longer has frequent emotional out-of-control and crashes like in the past. This year’s double errors and outrageous unforced errors are much less than before.

For a player with high strength and talent like Zverev, controlling his mistakes can greatly increase the chances of winning. In the second half of this year, Zverev’s performance was particularly impressive. He first won the gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics, then won the second Masters championship of the year in Cincinnati, and won the championship at the ATP500 Vienna station last month. In the past 34 games, Zverev has won 30 games.

Relative to the good performance on the court, Zverev’s pressure off the court seems to be greater. In March of this year, he and his ex-girlfriend Brenda Patya’s child was born, and Zverev became an unmarried father. During the Tokyo Olympics, his other ex-girlfriend Olga Shalipova once again stood up and publicly accused Zverev of violent abuse.

On October 4, the ATP announced the initiation of an investigation into the violent abuse alleged by Sharipova during the 2019 Shanghai Masters. “The allegations against Zverev are serious and we are responsible for resolving these issues. We hope that the investigation will clarify the facts so that we can take appropriate follow-up actions. We also know that Zverev welcomes our investigation and denies All his allegations.” ATP chief executive Massimo Calvelli (Massimo Calvelli) said earlier last month.

At present, the ATP has not released the final investigation and processing results, but this does not seem to affect Zverev’s performance on the field and the opening of a new emotional life off the field. He is working with the 32-year-old German supermodel Sophia Tomara (Sophia Thomalla) passionately in love. In an on-site interview after winning the championship in Vienna, Zverev confessed to his new girlfriend in public, hoping that the other party can continue to accompany him through the next 10 years of his professional career.

Zverev will face the world number one Djokovic in the semi-finals at 9 o’clock tomorrow night Beijing time, who defeated Rudd and Lubrev in the group stage with a score of 2-0. . At 4 o’clock tomorrow morning Beijing time, Djokovic will usher in the last game of the group stage. He will face Nori, who plays substitute Sisipas. Whether he wins or loses, Djokovic will be the first in the group. Status promotion.

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